Fish rape at rushbrook

I was down at rushbrook floats yesterday and was appauled at what I seen. There was charter boat after charter boat and most of them out of towners.
The size and numbers of spring salmon and chicken halibut leaving the docks were shocking. There were no fisheries officers, or observers at the floats.
    I’m sure the quotas were far exceeding the legal limit and size.
Is someone goning to step up and do something before we are raped of our natural resources like the southern fisher. (ITS NOT TOO LATE) The only thing policed is the parking lot. Whats more important?

Wow you certainly know what topics to bring up lol. Anyways I was down there a few days ago and I feel the majority of Charter boats are thinking of conservation, But I seen a few down there with undersize fish and crabs, which if they were commercial they would have been crucified. I do think they should have a camera at the dressing trough at the very least, and yes there should be a fisherie officer down there randomly doing inspections, It seems that industry isnt even regulated/enforced (Yeah I’m prolly wrong) . When you take undersize fishies you are jeopardizing the future of fishing.

Unfortunately everyone, we have two governments against us in this one.  The federal government would like to see the commercial fisherman just go away, while the provincial government would like to encourage more sportsfishing anglers.  Tourism seems to be high on their priority these days.  However, they seem to forget that Prince Rupert was built on the commercial fishing.

im not positive, but i think the legal limit is somewhere around 8 pieces per person in salt water for salmon. so a boat with three licensed fishermen can keep 24 fish.

OMG… Charter boats at the floats? You mean those charter boats that buy food, gas, supplies and other stuff from our local merchants? You seem excited about the number of fish leaving the floats but you don’t state that you even know what the quota’s are. No fish cops at the dock? Wow… just going out on a limb here but Fisheries officers have been known to use thier boats to go out on the water and check quota’s out where people actually do the fishing.

The only thing fishy here is you mapel, because your post (like others) is just a red herring.

i guess i should have mentioned a commercial purse seine boat catches 3-5 thousand pieces in a twelve hour opening, and i have seen 60 boats fish one spot for three days. what you see those sporty’s taking is really fuck all, i wouldnt worry about it. dragging we put twenty to thirty thousand lbs. on deck every two hours in some spots, and that goes on twenty four hours a day, round the clock till the boat achieves its yearly quota. yer never gonna put any preasure on a species harvesting them one at a time, sport fishermen will never be a threat, its why they are slowly getting rid of the commercial fleet through attrition. dollers per fish are considerably higher with a sport fishery, that combined with the fact that by their fishing method the targeted species will be fine.

Hey I added “FISH” to the title of this thread so we didn’t mislead anyone who chose not to open the thread for fear of something else. 

DFO is a joke. They have nowhere near enough resources to monitor the whole north coast. Poaching and overfishing is runnig rampant and DFO is powerless.

Even when the DFO is doing their job, they always seem to lose out in the end anyway.  They spent months investigating the Abalone sting, only for the courts to just give the guys a slap on wrist.  If I was working for DFO I probably would get a bit frustrated as well and might not worry so much about the little guy - how about you?

I hate misleading thread titles…

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You do the Mud Shark. baby…

A couple of weeks ago, a charter guide/ fish whore, brought in an octopus that was snagged with a hook so that his guests from Florida could get it sent back home.  All of these out of town charter guides should get their licence plates removed and their tires slashed while they are out fihing an maybe they will get the message that they are not welcome here over fishing our waters all day everyday, all summer long. 

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My honest opinion is fisheries nor the government could care less. The sport fishery for the last while has always exceeded the commercial fishery for years now. You think bureaucrats or fisheries actually care all is that means is more money for retail sales, tourism etc… which can go to the government and fisheries. It is funny how local economies have to suffer. One would think that the commercial fishery would be more important in our locale! As obviously more people would be working and spending locally to boost our economy Go figure!

First off for those putting down the commercial fishery … lest you forget that they are harvesting a food source as do farmers and it is regulated by DFO which have no f’nnnnnnn clue what they are doing . Sports fishing targets coho and springs and other such species as halibut and cod , snappers … try going out to the reefs and rock piles and watch what GPS technology does for the sport fishing charters . I was a commercial fisherman for 15 years and have been an avid sports fisherman all my life and have seen many a neighbor burying the 100’s of pounds of fish for fertilizer in their flower beds in the spring time .
I see sporties going out to fish every week-end and don’t tell me that a family of four will eat 1000 lbs of fish a year . Call it for what it is … a disguise for a commercial slaughter .
The fishing fleet continually gets cut back year after year and if there are concerns with fish stocks why is anyone allowed to fish .
This year their is talk that their will be no gilnet fishery in the nass or skeena systems . Has anyone thought about how many jobs will be lost and how many more local families will go hungry ?
Maybe the Sport fishing community instead of whinning could lobby the government to have some ocean ranching for coho and springs where they could all troll around the net until all their fish have been slaughtered .
Maybe if people took what they would use or need instead of what they greed both commercial and sports fishing interests would get along .
Whats up with taking from one group to feed another group ?
Maybe if everyone got their heads out of their asses and worked together and made more fish then their would not be a problem .