First Five wierdest links

Think you know the weirdest of the web.  Be one of the first five posters of a weird link. The link can never have been posted on HTMF before.  Bragging rights to the winner. 1 vote per person

Okay I’ll bite, let me know if this has been on before.

This one has been on HTMF before. … 460.0.html

I offer the following, though an artistic site, the art is kinda weird:


Eso wins …!

Agreed.  That is freaking awesome stuff!  :smiley:

"I offer evil ass Harvard students $10,000.00
to disprove Nature’s Cubic Creation Principle. "

Honestly, the Time Cube website was better before Obama got elected. Back in the day, racism was just a fraction of the insanity, but now the whole first half of the first page is anti-black stuff.

I sincerely hope that it’s not a troll, but a genuine person whose mind works in very, very different ways than my own. is one of his other websites, and there is a real gem right near the top of the page:

The lack of a space between ‘may’ and ‘be’ is a classic example of Muphry’s Law.