First Appearance

Any scoop out there of how Antonio Briggleo made out this morning? Speaking with one of the court workers this morning said it would probably not go anywhere, it was just a bite. … t_List.pdf

Neat, now I can see what all the neighbours are up to.

It also gives us a better understanding of all that work that htmf’s resident jailer has in front of him …

Seems like Lawyer Merrick is going to have a very good January for billable hours…

Well its good to see old joey st louis is still alive.  Rather unfortunate that hes still into the same shit.

It looks like the link that I posted is updated and changed everyday so Briglio’s name is no longer on it.

It looks like the link that I posted is updated and changed everyday so Briglio’s name is no longer on it. [/quote]

Dang! How did he plead?

is stupid an option?

Please htmf users, you really didn’t believe that Tony was going to get any punishment - did you???

Saw him downtown, was going to say something, but didn’t want to have to press charges if he assaulted me…LOL  OMG he kicked me…lmao

That name sounds familiar.  Is he related to Dick St. Louis?  What’s the “same shit” you’re talking about?

I’m not quite sure why you’re talking in past tense. His appearance in court this week was his “first appearance”. Unless you plead guilty, what commonly happens on your first appearance is that you get another date to come back for a hearing to see if all the lawyers are ready for the trial and to fix a trial date.

I believe he is related yes.  The pdf said he was charged with assault so I assume he’s still a bit of a drunken mess.

HAHAHAHAHA…im surprised theres ppl out there that dont know joey st.louis…man i thought that guy was gone somewhere stayin outta trouble…obviously he’ll NEVER be stayin outta trouble…out of all the years ive known him…it was always…yeah im goin back to court…lol…what a guy

Grandson, I believe.  Hard to believe…Dick was such an awesome man.  :neutral_face:

That made me laugh pretty hard right there. Not because he wasnt i didnt really know the guy… just the phrasing.

Then I thought to myself… joey and his grandpa should have traded names.

Ok all you jackasses… before you go ripping on someone get the facts straight. Look at the court list link. You see that column called “age”? That’s how old the charges are in days. If the list for that day was still up, you’d see that the charges on Joe St. Louis are almost a year old. I’m not saying he’s an angel, but just because someone appears on a court list doesn’t mean it’s a recent charge.

Long after someone changes their life for the positive they could still be dealing with charges in court.

I sure hope that wasn’t aimed at me. I knew joey pretty much all my life and always tried to help him out when I could.  I was being very sincere when I said its good to know he’s still alive.

If he’s changed his life awesome, I have my doubts but ive seen it happen before.

OK, now I remember him–he used to come to archery from time to time.  I’ve been gone a long time, so I never heard about his trouble.

Someone else said that Dick “was” an awesome man, which I agree with.  However, I take it from the use of the past tense that he is no longer with us.  Is that true?

Yes, sadly Mr. St. Louis passed away last March.

Here’s a couple of items from the Podunk blog at the time. … 0615434116 … 1920938575