I know a lot of people were expecting fireworks last night for Canada Day, and we are sorry that the information that came out said there were going to happen.  Two months ago, the time when we start planning and talking with our fireworks distributor, we were told they were not happening this year. 

Just so you have an idea of what goes into one of these shows.  The average cost is $5000 for the fireworks.  These are all professional fireworks that require a special license to buy, and special shipping. On top of this there is about 80 ‘man’ hours involved in setting up the show, Wainwright donating the use of a barge and tug (with crew) for the day of, Bandstra donating the use of a trailer for us to a week, and Marine Rescue taking us out to the barge. 

Last year after Halloween these cost also included the purchase of a new firing board as our old one self-destructed on us during the shoot.

Our crew loves doing these shoots, and the more we do, the practice we get and the better our shows get.  But with every craft we want to give out best and it is usually our feeling that the community if not getting its worth with the Canada Day shoot because of the fact that we have to wait so long to do the show, and even then it is not optimum darkness.  That said should the money be available next year, we would be more than happy to practice our craft on you all.     

I heard that Chances donated a chunk of cash towards the fireworks one year but declined to do that again when the show they’d sponsored didn’t go off as planned due to fog. That seems a shame.

Your crew’s Winterfest show is one of the season’s highlights for me and my family…pretty spectacular to be out on a boat for the Sailpast under exploding flowers, especially on a clear night.

Thank you for the many years of volunteering for this event wollongong!  It has always been a highlight of Canada Day and was missed yesterday but much appreciation to you and all the volunteers  :-D      I offered to show up with others on the board here with sparklers but no takers  LOL