Fires in Kelowna...Again

That time of year again and my heart goes out to those in the path of the fires down south.  Began in the lower Glenrosa area I believe.  I lived there for a year before relocating here and have a couple of friends there but have not been able to reach them.  Hoping it is not a repeat of the devastation of a couple of years ago.

My brother and his family have been evacuated. Their place will be okay unless the wind shifts.

I’m sure there are many in Kelowna who are having a difficult time breathing.

Has anyone heared if “Black Mountain” has been evacuated?

Don’t think Black Mountain - Rutland area has any trouble so far.  It is the Glenrosa area of Westbank and south to Peachland and Summerland.  I am going to try, if I can’t contact my friend, to go through one of the websites for info. She lived right on Old Okanagan Highway so am worried…And to think that the Gorman lumber mill is right in the center of this…I feel so sorry for everyone…

wow, that is not cool at all  :neutral_face: :frowning: hope everything gets under way