Firefox WHY?

This is crazy…why does it take firefox about 1 minute to load up after I click on it?


Buy more RAM.

The same reason it decides to crash on me every night… sometimes 9 times in a span of 45 minutes.

That I did, installed two more GB.  Processor is 2.4 mhz.  Dunno what’s going on.  Its clean of spyware & ads and all that crap.

Which version are you using?  Also trying uninstalling and reinstalling.  Maybe something was corrupted in the first install.


get a mac lol, I have no problems with firefox on my macbook.

Try this:

type in your address bar  about:config

confirm action

in the “filter” box at top type  browser.sessionstore.enabled

double click on response browser.sessionstore.enabled  below to disable

This should speed things up, but obviously you will not have the restore feature.

Have you defragged your HD

Chrome works seemlessly, give it a try instead.

Cool thanks for the tip Dex. B4 we do this, will check out the defrag thingy.  Thanks again.