Firefox 1.0 released!

ALL OSes have been released! - Windows Code

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My reaction can be summed up as follows.**[size=18]W00T![/size]**

FireFox 1.0, not Mozilla 1.0.

Remember that thread on download speeds? I just downloaded the FireFox release at 240 kB/s via a bit torrent.

Very, very nice.

I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

2 busy. I will try later. Already using 1.0PR

I am using it right now and my thoughts are… it seems like a combo of IE and Netscape. Nothin special… :unamused:

:unamused: IE? what? where? how? Do you mean like IE because they are both browsers?

Where the hell are you getting IE from man ? Maybe try explaining a lil’ more to see just how much you know. If anything Firefox is far superior to IE and the only possible link between them is the [file][edit][view]and[help]menus…

its just a web browser gay lords

Standards compliance is nice, so are the tabs, and the speed, and it works. Other than that its the same as IE.

Other then tabs, they both piss me off for one reason or another. No desire to list reasons why they piss me off, I’m sure you all know.

What I’m looking for in a future FireFox release is the ability to hit one button or keyboard shortcut that will refresh all my tabs, not just the active one.

you can do that in opera. ctrl f5.