Dudes, what’s on fire downtown?

looks like that hotel along the waterfront

looks like if you were in a boat or down below you’d have a wicked view?

My Father-in-Law is a firefighter in PR, so I’ll call him at lunch and find out.

thats a pretty sweet plume of smoke. I can smell it on my side of town right now.

Holy shit, I didn’t know PR was such a dump.

It’s the Elisabeth Apts.

He might be a little busy at lunch…

Not all the fireman to go a fire at the same time. There have to be some at the station incase there is another fire or an accident as they are “first responders” so please don’t insinuate that I didn’t think that maybe he’d be AT THE FIRE; which he is. However, my grandparents-in-law live in a an apartment at the Highliner, and they are saying that it’s those old dumpy Elizabeth Apartments. Hope LaGondola is ok; love their fish’n’chips!!! :smiley:


Apparently, 16/20 PR firefighters at the scene with back-up called in from Port Ed. Must be big for them to leave only 4 guys at the station.

That place is a dump any way. Let it burn.

Hey J!!! Haven’t talked to you in a while. I second your opinion. It was a firetrap waiting to burn. Hope nobody’s hurt.

Post pics!!

Yeah, pls post pics if you have them. There are a lot of former Rupertites down here (Tons, really) that would like to see what’s going on.

cops say the building is spewing out asbestos, so don’t get too close

Hey thanks Mig.

What, are you serious? Hope my father-in-law is ok; he’s already messed up his lungs from Chlorine during another fire years ago. Is the whole building ablaze, or just that wing?

When I went down there most of the building was a blaze and the middle had pretty much collapsed (by the looks of it). Definatly an interesting site to see, some are now questioning if it will spread to the INN.

Pyro’s are having a field day I am sure

Hey thanks for keeping me updated. Maybe I’ll see it on the news tonight.

Keep posting pics pls; I really appreciate it.