Fire on the East side of town

Big Fire on Fifth Ave at Hays Cove, just a few houses away from Petro Can on the way into town.

Lots of smoke, pretty well the entire structure has been consumed by flames.

Road is blocked off at the Bridge and up above on fifth by Lax Keen.

No camera with me, so thus no pics.

Ok that makes sense.  I saw the smoke from my house, but couldn’t tell how far away it was. 

The smoke has all stopped now, so hopefully the fire is completely out.

Yep, they knocked this one down pretty quick.

Guess having a gas station so close makes you want to work a little faster.

No idea if anyone was hurt though, hope anyone close by was safe.

Too bad I grabbed the wrong camera – my SLR would have made more sense in the dark, but it was in the basement.

Here’s what I managed to get with the point-and-shoot:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

They were just hooking up the fire hydrant when I got there, and it was out just a bit after that.

Weird they had to use the hydrant all the way up the street, guess there wasn’t a closer one.

Good job, though, very quick response.  Those guys rock. 

Everybody and their dog was out watching it.  Including my dog.

So Herb, about that volunteer fire department idea! :unamused:

Really?  Was the volunteer firefighter idea floated recently?  That would really suck.

Was this house occupied?  I didn’t think it was.

Well to be fair to Herb, no it hasn’t been suggested since the election. And I think most in the city now realize that it isn’t the smartest of ideas ever suggested by our politicians.

I’m not sure of where it stands in the plans of the city, at the time it seemed to be the child of Mr. Kumar, who has since left our city. But I think the plan was still being bounced around to have a volunteer corp to use as a back up to the paid service.

Perhaps someone more in the know could give us an update. 

At any rate, I would think that running on a platform of a volunteer fire department, might be a ticket to not getting elected.

I could be wrong, but its my understanding that they were doing the dry wall work on it last week, so I don’t think anyone was living in at the moment. I do know it seemed to take forever to complete, seems like they’ve been working on the place for a couple of years now.

I seem to remember that house being started 4 years ago or so.

longer then that just got it finished… man that sucks 2 plex was people living there yet ?