Fire Fox Released!

Fire Fox released:-)

wow is that ever exciting news holy crap

Ah the memories of I remember installing version almost like it was just last month.

Actually I think it only lasted 2-3 weeks.  Some serious flaws, heh-heh.  Yes fond memories indeed. :smiley:

Firefox just notified me it needs to restart to install…

Hopefully this is the fix to the headache it gave me last night… crashed?

Wanted: 1/2 day of free time to fix my own computer.
That FF update took ten minutes to restart on Vista. The Vista updates are still pissing around installing after 20 mins. Gawd it is soooo slow compared to XP

Wouldn’t let me type in text boxes. Everytime I pushed a key it seemed I was pushing tab… Anyway, i’m not sure if it’s I had prior to this, but my Firefox browsing experience has been poor lately. No issues today.

Also upgraded to 2x 1Gig sticks of hella cheap Corsair Value Select DDR2-667 (5-5-5-15 slow…) from my old 1Gig of Samsung DDR-333 I’ve been running for years. So everything is more enjoyable. $60 bucks.

Herbie, you’re about to pass me on total posts! I must not spend enough time on HTMF anymore.

Interesting bug in, good to hear that it isn’t happening to you in  I haven’t updated my XP Pro box yet to, will do that today.  I’m waiting for Slackware and Debian to release their patches for
More RAM is good. :sunglasses:

Man, Vista sure sounds like a pig compared to XP.  I’m half way to saving up for a new Macbook, printer, and airport base station.  I seriously doubt I’ll ever buy another Windows unit.

Got to actually use the work machine yesterday (Athlon X2 6000+ w 4 GB RAM & o/b ATI X1200 & XP64) to process 100s of photos for a friend’s memorial. Runs like I expect a computer to!
Then I pop the laptop open, download the new Clam update and get told its “not a valid Win32 application” by Vista…
Also getting pestered 10X a day by the outfit that bought PC Anywhere12 and their Vista laptop says it’s not Vista compatible… yekkk!

Me 2 except the printer, and im going stocke white macbook. I used one a few weeks ago and loved it, pretty nice machine.

Sorry I have to do it.

This is a perfect example why everybody should run Opera, that and it isn’t a bloated hog like Firefox.

LMAO…yeah, okay FF is a bloated pig…but does Opera have a bazillion add-ons, extensions like FF?  Opera is faster than FF.

ok before i put effort into installing the new firefox…
can i use the alt+s shortcut for forums with it?
thats what frustrated me with the other one

No it doesn’t have a bazillion add-ons, that’s because most of those features that people add-on to Firefox already exist on Opera.  Also remember each one of those add-ons is a potential security risk as well a performance issue.

Firefox isn’t a bad browser, I know like to take my cracks at it but I do use it.  To me Firefox seems to have lost what it set out to be.  It had the potential to be a fast secure browser, now it’s bloated and has to have a new update only a few weeks after the last update because of a major security hole.  It has alot of nice features, but it just seems to have become too big too fast.

When Firefox came out it was fast and was a great browser, I wish I knew what happened to it. … ory_usage/

Yeah, memory use is my major gripe with FF.  I’m finding FF to be more stable for me lately; it doesn’t crash the way it used to.  But, leaving FF open for long periods gobbles up RAM too quickly. 

yawn … easenotes/

I talk about the 3.0 alphas every time a Firefox thread comes up… but this time I have a link!!

The 2.x series is so last year…

Interesting:-)  Any bugs to speak of yet?  Stable?