Fire Dept Poll

Fire dept poll. Pick 2 - one in each if the groups.

I don’t think it’s a black-and-white question. There’s more than those two options.

How about a mixture of professionals and volunteers?

And if you want to save money, how much has Citywest cost the city? $20 million?

You’re right, there’s probably more than those two options. I was thinking that I could ask whether someone was willing to volunteer too. I’ll switch it up a bit.


Every other town has a mix of full time time and aux or a full time fire chief and all volunteers,ie;Smithers,Thornhill and a whole lot more.Citywest has SFA to do with this issue,it is about being smart with how the contracts are negotiated.

WHYYYY cut essential services though? That’s where citywest comes in. There are other places that should be considered for axing, far before fire departments, police and ambulances…

I’m confused. In the other thread you expressed your displeasure over a job being posted for a full time fireman yet now you’re saying that a mix of full time and volunteer is the way to go. If that’s the case, wouldn’t a posting for a full time fireman be expected? Wouldn’t the cost be actually greater to manage a department comprised of both full time and volunteer? I’m thinking about accident insurance, equipment, education, etc. Just a thought.

Full time firemen are just that,paid full time!Aux firemen are NOT paid full time,that is why a mix is the best option.These clowns that we have now are Not in favour of a mix!They use the $800,000. ladder truck as if is a pickup to do shit calls,but they show up no matter what! It is recorded as an "incident"and goes on the call record.What the hell are they doing going to a fender bender with the ladder truck?Use a regular fire engine if you must,but leave the most expensive piece of equipment we own,PARKED till it is needed.Ask where the last ladder truck was when it could have been used!

I take it when you were a child, you didn’t want to be a fire fighter when you grew up…

Calling our fire fighters “clowns” is the most disrespectful thing I have heard in a long time. Those guys risk everything for people they don’t know…even you. It doesn’t matter if it is a volunteer or paid fire fighter, they are the last remnant of heroes in our society. We could sure use more of them and less of the angry people in our world.

Interesting stats so far. 100% who have voted so far want to see some professional element in the fire dept. No one wants a fully volunteer dept. Roughly 2/3 would like to see a volunteer element to support the firemen (13 yes, 7 no) although of the 13 only 3 would consider becoming involved.