Fire department in prince rupert

have you ever wondered why the fire department needs a new truck with a ladder when they had already one inside the garage. they don’t even do a good job at putting out fires to save your house the only thing there good at saving is foundations so why did they need a new truck that costed the Rupert tax payers over 150000 US buck to begin with i don’t know you tell me

All about the slanderous comments.

You do need more experience trolling. You really aren’t very good at it. Unless you are self-trolling, posting things to the extreme to make yourself more mad? If that is working, then I salute you.

not only are you a tin foil hat wearing person but you also have hate against the prince Rupert fire department my god kid your awesome. I’m going to give a hug for at least talking about whats on you mind

well thank-you kind stranger. but really was it needed

I am assuming that you are asking a question there, so I will offer a counter-question.

Were your slanderous statements truly necessary?

Your pretty pathetic for dissing the Fire Department as that truck will come in handy I’m sure. I hope this is bad karma for you so if your place catches on fire let the motherfu^&%r burn BURN motherfu^&%r burn


yes they are for my hate towards them is well placed as my place did burn down and so did others i may add. they didn’t need a new truck to spray water from a ladder cuz they already had a perfectly good one in working order at the hall for them

your hate is well placed but you got the gun pointed at the wrong place. most of the firefighters are cool people. for the fire truck the person that spent all the money for the truck was mr fire chief dave mckenzie so if you have a beef hate on him not the whole crew

150 grand for a fire truck? that seems pretty reasonable to me considering all the 60grand suv’s and 60-70 grand pick ups i see driving around.

most villages have a volunteer fire department and I find it hard to believe the new truck cost a 150 thou.more like 300.and pay roll must be one and a half million per year just a guess but I believe the same amount of homes and lives could be saved with a volunteer department.

come to think of it was 450k to a half a million U.S. it was a high price tag for that truck. and a volenteer fire department is all this town needs we only get like 3 to 5 fires a year in rupert.


come to think of it was 450k to a half a million U.S. it was a high price tag for that truck. and a volenteer fire department is all this town needs we only get like 3 to 5 fires a year in rupert.[/quote]

You know I get the idea that people have concerns about the need for a paid fire department when the population that has to pay for it keeps dropping, it is perhaps something that needs a complete review, which would mean complete disclosure by the city as to the cost of the current system, as opposed to a volunteer based service such as the one in Terrace.

But before we toss the fire department, perhaps a review of other spending by the city would be best first.

In the end, ask yourself what is more important, funding essential services such as a police or fire department, or owning/operating a telephone/cable service, ferry transportation service to the airport and of course those city functions that could perhaps be off loaded to the private sector as well.

(Don’t even try to factor in the pulp mill mess which seems like a total sinkhole these day)

It seems that the city never seems to open up that debate, asking its residents what they really want to pay for and what they believe could be better provided outside of the city’s control.

It would be interesting to see what kind of list Rupertites would come up with if they had to make a decision as to what they can afford (or wish) to own or operate in these or any financial times.

We have one of the best fire dept in bc they are trained and ready wen we need them,our house insurance
would go to the roof f we had a volenteer dept,guys you are doing a great job and god bless our fire dept.

My house insurance in Terrace is the same price as my house insurance in Rupert. Terrace has a volunteer fire department.

The big difference is that taxes for my house in Terrace are about half of my Rupert taxes, and the Terrace taxes include utilities, unlike Rupert.

But the expense of the fire department isn’t the huge expense people make it out to be. It’s not the reason taxes are crazy high in Rupert.

Prove it

Who are you battledore?? I would like to talk to you face to face… quit hiding behind your computer and go to the fire hall ask them some of your questions and your concerns about why they have a new truck, go to one of city council meetings and voice your opinion, and you are just noticing that truck?? i think they have had that thing for a 5 6 months now… oh wait thats right you don’t get out much too busy sitting in front of your computer at your mommy’s talking trash about the FD, there is more problems with PR than than trash fire dept and the new truck.
I believe that the Prince Rupert FD is one of the lowest paid dept in B.C making 35 - 40% less than most FD. The fire dept does a lot more than just fight fires eg: lots of Training, medical calls, fire prevention, fire inspections, do lots for the children & Prince Rupert.

how did your place burn down? i would like to know… was it your fault and stupidity. You know fire burns fast and hot and its not gonna wait for the fire dept to come… your an idiot.

I have to side with those that say the Fire Department is out of line by needing a new truck. It needs many more, as well as a fleet of ambulances, medi-choppers and planes and a whole host of other essential services. The city should have a population approaching one million, instead it’s been reduced to little more than a village. The problem, NO VISION and NO BALLS in City Hall. Just decades and decades of devious by-laws enacted by Jerk-Off Jack and his wrecking crew.

Hello everyone,

As an employee of the fire department I feel compelled to defend our service and Chief and clear up some misinformation.

First of all, it was mentioned by soemone in this thread that blame for the purchase of the new ladder truck lay with current Fire Chief Dave McKenzie. The truck was actually “spec’d out” by former Chief Ron Miller and was presented to council for approval before the order was placed. Chief McKenzie took over the reigns of the department shortly before the ladder truck was delivered.

Some of you may recall some discussion within the community several years ago in which it was determined that the city needed to obtain aerial firefighting capabilities after a few fire fatalities in which aerial capabilities may have helped. Back in the early 90’s the department purchased the “Bronto” which was a 1988 Freightliner with a hydraulic articulating boom. Over the years, the repair bills and manintenance costs associated with this vehicle were quite high and in fact, the hydraulic lift was required to be overhauled every ten years at a cost of roughly $100,000. This was not only expensive but also took the vehicle out of service for a significant amount of time every ten years. It was actually in Abbotsford undergoing a necesary refit in 2004 during the Elizabeth Apartments fire and was unavilable for use when we could have used it.

As I stated previously, fire apparatus have a working life of 30 years and since this truck was a 1988 it was due to be retired in 2018. Additiionally, the truck was again due for a $100,000 refit in 2014 which would not be responsible as it would only be serviceable for four more years. The truck that we have know is state-of-the-art and will be able to service the community well for 30 years without the high maintenance costs.

Someone also stated that our department only responds to 5 or 6 fires a year. In fact, our department repsonds to roughly 1100 calls per year of which 50-60 are structural fires. That equates to four or five per month. Generally, the only fires that the public ever hear about are the fires that are large and attract a lot of attention. The service that we currently provide allows us to reach any point of the community within five minutes which generally means that the fire is still contained within the room of origin when we arrive. Of course there are fires that get away but there are many variables which cause that such as open doors/windows, building construction and layout, building contents and the amount of time that it was burning before the fire department was called. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as to how our service is provided but our local fire fatality stats support the fact that the improvements to our service have saved lives.

If you’re interested take a look at the link which provides some additional information. … ponse-time