Fire at Epicurean

Quite the show, if you happen to be in and/or around the area.  Not sure if I would say the new goose is all its cracked up to be.

Not the best photo, but gives a general idea…

very scary fire!

Just being informed about this now… yikes :S I wonder what the cause was… Recently i drove by and it looked like people were moving/evicted so I wonder if there was anyone else in the building.

there was people still living in there.i know that much.

Yes there were still people livin in there who are now homeless over thoughtless acts of a certain individual who may not have thought the whole building would go up as it did.

So because people were seen moving out why does it have to be that they were evicted could it not have been that they found other housing,

Yes it may have been an eyesore to some, to others it was a part of thier history, and to some it was their home.

So many are so quick to judge and not know the whole story. The economy is so bad, which means not all people are able to be out there making thousands of dollars a month, there for are left to rent these “eyesore” apartments. There are not enough jobs and rent prices are higher then most can afford.

I find it hard to believe some comments that are made by some people who dont take the time to find out what is going on and what they can do to help

Sounds like you have been evicted before!  :imp:


Feel better about yourself now?
I find it amazing how some bitch about people being quick to judge, and then take part of what someone said out of context.
Why would you say “So because people were seen moving out why does it have to be that they were evicted could it not have been that they found other housing”, they said evicted/moving, is that evicted or moving, or to make you happy,evicted or found other housing?
Love how people create a new name to start a bitchfest.
Yes we know,you never been on here before, someone called you blah blah blah.

I find it totally amazing that some people can hit the nail right on the head!  :wink:

OMG… this is horrible. I hope everyone is accounted for.

          I have asked a very reliable source as to how the fire started, and they said: the dumpster at the back of the Epicurean was on fire( not knowing how yet) and it started burning up into the apartment in the back directly over this dumpster. Moved quickly through to the front and took over the whole top floor. Surrounding buildings are okay.
          A male who lives in the Highliner smelt the smoke and called 911.

Spoke with the Fire Chief this morning, still early in the investigation but more details at … 20104.html

Sounds like “financial combustion”

Whoa Whoa! I never assumed it was an eviction because the building is an eyesore or they looked poor, it was because they seemed to be standing outside with all their stuff with no where to go…

I hear it was a mattress lit on fire underneath is what caused the fire and that’s terrible, no one deserves to be homeless.

My sisters family of four lost everything in a fire that was purposely set this morning. I am asking for help so they can start over if you can help with anything please contact me at 600-3654. They really need help with colthes size 11 in men shoes pant size 34 men large shirts, clothes for an 8 year old girl, size 2 in shoe size for girls 24 pant size.

Contact name is Don Price

You don’t know that the fire was “purposely” set or a possible accident.  Have to love how people thrive and expand on rumours in this town.  It is very sad that your family lost everything in the fire but the free store K.A.P.S. and Salvation Army are in town to serve your family and to assist wherever possible.

Update time:

A fire in Prince Rupert’s downtown core that left the Epicurean building severely damaged is being treated as suspicious. … 20104.html


Come shop and visit Prince Rupert, please take notice if its not Burned it may be closed but you may buy a Hoodie down the road. Such a shame this town has become, how many holes will happen in the downtown core due to deliquent buildings going up in flames and how many more sheets of plywood will it take to close another storefront. Again where and when will Chamber of Commerce begin to take notice or are they just happy having lunch and listening to the likes of Don about the superport. Will the city council be out with Civic Pride on their next cleanup?

I only knew about the fire when i brought the rugrat to school this morning, it was already out so I didnt witness it…is there any truth to the story of hundreds of rats scrambling out of the building when it was burning??  Someone told me that today and I’m curious to know if its true or not  :astonished: