Finding a house/apt

Please, tell me how to find affordable housing in town that will accept a dog. Single income, one dog. No papers that I can see so how do people find places?

Can anyone tell me how to go about finding affordable housing. Either and apt or a small house but it has to take a single guy and my dog. Dog is smallish and well trained. I can’t seem to figure out how people find a place with no newspaper. Thanks.

Ouch, looks like the Northern View has a marketing problem! … 1_allpages

Anyways, other than the weekly paper (which seemingly isn’t making an impression), you could try calling around to the real estate offices and see if they have any rental listings at the moment.

Other than that, I guess you could walk or drive around town and look for the forest of Apartment to rent signs that pop up from time to time.

Well the Northern View is delivered to every home in town and the OP is homeless right so that would make sense. lol. jk a little tongue in cheek.

Call 250-624-5824 if you still need a place. Please call after 6PM

If you truly are a ’ rain hater ’ then you may want to re - think your choice to live here… No, Seriously.

You could always post an ad on here :smile: It seems to be working well.

I might get 3 papers delivered each month. I’ve called and emailed and the problem is fixed for maybe a week. Now if I get the paper I consider it bonus reading material.


I might get 3 papers delivered each month. I’ve called and emailed and the problem is fixed for maybe a week. Now if I get the paper I consider it bonus reading material.[/quote]

I was having that problem too. Until I spoke the carrier’s mother!

good posts. i have pretty much no income so need real cheap for until the fishing jobs open up.

Try some of the real estate agents. Some of them tend to manage rental units for property owners that do not want to be bothered with doing it themselves. A friend used the realtor on Third Ave. next to the Bargain Store. They gave him a list a page long of rental units that they handled.

Glad I’m not the only one having this problem…only thing I found online was the Oasis Apartments and their hot tub. Luckily I stumbled upon a real estate agent who’s been helping me out now. But while we’re talking about housing I have a question - single girl moving to PR, really want to live in a house rather than an apartment bldg…safety-wise is this a good idea? I don’t know anything about the city, just that my parents seem set on the idea of me living somewhere “secure”.

This site has about 1000 visitors per day. Try just creating a new thread with “wanted: rental” with your details, and I’m sure you’ll get a response.

As for safety, I don’t think you’ll have to worry too much in any part of Rupert. I lived right downtown in Harbourside apartments for years, and never had any issues.

As a single girl who lived in Rupert a few years back, I can honestly say I never felt unsafe there. Personally, I have always preferred living in suites to apartment buildings and maybe it’s because I actually feel safer in a suite. You get to know your neighbors, or other tenants in the home. People tend to notice your routine, and I feel neighbors look out for one another as long as you are friendly and make an effort to get to know them. In an apartment building tenants change frequently so it’s harder to know who lives around you. Sure, maybe an apartment might advertise itself as having a cctv camera at the entrance and a secured entry, but having lived in many apartments there’s always some dumbass who leaves it propped open for any random psycho to wander in.

My advice to you would be to take some time to walk or drive around Rupert and get to know the neighborhoods. See where you feel comfortable. If you want to live downtown I would recommend the Harbourside apartments. I lived there for 2 months and it was ok, definitely one of the better offerings of apartment buildings in Rupert and management seemed to make a concentrated effort to keep things clean and tidy and keep drama addicted tenants to a minimum. I left because I really hated living in apartment. I like having a yard, and not having to listen to the guy above me vacuum at 10pm (at least I hope that’s what he was doing).

The suite I’m in now will be available May 1st - and as far as suites go, I think it’s pretty great!! newly renovated, new appliances, bright, 2 bedrooms and only a couple blocks from downtown. You would have to inquire about your dog though… we don’t have any pets. let me know if you are interested and I’ll PM you the contact info. :smile:

I have a friend moving to town for a 2 week on/two week off job. He is a 50 year old, non smoker, quiet, responsible man with a very good paying job. He needs a place to hang his hat for the next year to do his work here. He would be a dream tenant for anyone with a small place to rent, furnished or not.
Anyone interested can PM here.
Thanks !

@rainhater . . . you might not want to broadcast that you have “pretty much no income.” As a landlord myself I can tell you that makes you a less than desireable candidate for a tenant.