FINALLY bought an iPod

So I’m a certified iWhore now… just picked up an 8GB nano, eventhough I went in for the 4GB… I figured I might as well get twice the space for $70 more.  I was dead set against the nanos, but they just looked so damn cute I couldn’t resist.

The thing is, I don’t have USB 2, so everything is going a little slower, I can’t download iTunes because and say that iTunes isn’t on their server to download, and there was a tremendous lack of information and/or instructions that came with the player itself. 

Does anyone know how much longer it takes to charge the nano with USB 1 over 2, and if there is another kind of software I can use besides iTunes?  Also, how hard is it to install a USB 2 card?  Remember… I’m blonde.

You can’t download iTunes?  I just downloaded it about 20 times today (upgrading to newer version). ?

Charging time should be the same on USB 1 and 2, but transfer will be reallly slow.

Edit:  I just successfully downloaded the Windows version of iTunes – no problems.  If you’re getting errors, there may be something up with your computer (spyware hijacking your DNS resolver or something like that?)

I’ve tried downloading it 10 times now… and every time I get “The requested application was not found on this server.”

Yup, something’s up with your computer. 

I can download it and send it to you. 

Didn’t it come on CD as well?

The new Nano’s come with the Nano, earphones, plastic half-dock thingy, a quick start guide, and a USB cable.  No other instructions, no software no nothin.  It was all in a tiny little hard plastic case.

Oh but I did get 2 apple stickers!!

Funny you cant d/l iTunes. I installed it like 8 months ago to try, never used it but never uninstalled it.

Last weekend I was over at a friends house and he had iTunes on his notebook and he had used itunes copy a few hundred songs from his 300+ cd collection.

He then had a fm transmitter plugged into his USB port and the other end was plugged into the jack where speakers would go. His dvd disk changer has a built in FM tuner and tuned it into the freq of the usb tranmitter and was playing music from iTunes on his notebook but coming out his home stereo. Pretty cool.

After that, on Sunday I upgraded iTunes and copied over a few dozen songs from some of my CD’s.

Apple is Akamaimized in a big way and their content is all over the place in geographically diverse servers. CityTel has Akamai servers within their network so a lot of the apple content you d/l comes from local servers here, including the iTunes package. I just tried it again and yup, it came from the local akamai servers.

You’d love the Airport Express.  Basically a wireless base station with an audio out port (and a USB port).  Plug it into your stereo, and you can just stream music directly to it from any computer in the house.

Basically remote wireless speakers that automagically show up in iTunes thanks to ZeroConf.