Final Exams and Whatever Comes After

Orangetang whips up an Astronomy II cheat sheet.
So it’s that time of year again. I have my first ‘official’ final exam tomorrow morning at 9am in Flight & Aircraft Systems followed by Astronomy II at 13:30 and Meteorology II the following morning. Luckily for me I seem to be able to read this stuff the night prior and absorb new facts like a contraceptive sponge absorbs… nevermind. How you all doing with your studies and when are they done? I’m happy to say that I’m good to leave this place come the 23rd of April, just to return again in Sept. 05. Anyone graduating from post secondary this season? Now what?

My Chem workstation/bed…
Chem and Computer Science exam on Saturday. Biology, Calculus and Physics next week, back in PDot for 4-5 days then driving down to Victoria again… Farewell Prince Rupert.

Are you going for a Ba of Sciences? That’s an assload compared to my, Air Nav & Regs, Flight & Air Systems, Meteorology, Astronomy, Physical Geog, and Buisiness Applications :open_mouth:

Yeah, B.Sc. at UVic Then a Diploma in Meteorology from UBC… hopefully. Thats the plan so far.
Heh, and you see FTGU in the corner there :wink: Never leaves my side.

Awesome! I didn’t catch that. Haha, yeah I wish I knew where my copy was. I’m living with 2 other twin engine, instrument rated, commercial pilots and I can’t find a FTGU anywhere in the house, just empties, old food and laundry…

Meteorology is intense man. I thoroughly enjoy every part of it. If you ever get a chance to meet John Mullock, say I said HI.

Heh, don’t feel bad… My dad (has a few thousand hours of helicopter time) doesn’t have a copy.
Yeah, I got into met in grade 12, really wanna persue it, maybe get a job with EC. Would really like to bury the hatchet on my pilots licence but its a lot of money, time, and being at school, neither of those are in abundance.

Well, unless you really, really love to fly, don’t get into it. If you’re after the money and the girls and thaty lifestyle in general, it sadly doesn’t exist. I would stay the hell clear of the aviation industry unless it’s the only thing you want to do with your life. Period. Working for NavCanada as a meteorologist would be a facsinating career, which would keep you in the aviation end of things and such. John worked for NavCanada for god knows how many years and he’s got hundreds of great stories to tell about his career. I probably would have done that too if it wasn’t flying that brought it to my attention. I think you’ll enjoy it.

*Sets screensaver to 1 minute to mnmimize distractions :wink:… Neutrinos (subatomic particles) escape at nearly the speed of light from a stars core, unlike photons which may take 10^5 years or longer through a non-direct path of convection and radiative diffusion…

I’ve grown up with aviation so its in my blood. I’d be third generation pilot which is pretty significant to me. But it would just be private pilots licence, not gunna go commercial or go for my ATP. I think a background in aviation would make me a better meteorologist, and vise versa… they kinda go hand-in-hand.

They sure do. It doesn’t matter if you can fly the shit out of every plane they stick you in… The WX will fucking kill you if you don’t understand it.

So yeah, Wow! Didn’t at all study for Flight and A/C Systems (just Astronomy) and just rocked the exam with over an hour to spare :open_mouth:

Finally an exam that followed what we learned, or maybe even less! This guy is a bit of a tard sometimes when it comes to assignments and tests based on course material. I guess he didnt’ write this one :wink: LOL… It felt like writing a longer PSTAR or something. There wasn’t a signle question on pnuematic/hydraulic systems, turbochargers, prop governors or even stuff like wing fences, winglets or stall strips. Just bizarre! Anyway, some dude led the RCMP on a chase just before class and apparently ran into the flight centre lookign for somewhere to go before he took off… I don’t know if the piggies ended up catching him, but they made parking a real bitch. I hope Astonomy II treats me this well later today.

Pharmacology on the 22nd starts me off… then it’s Chem, Physics, Physiology and Criminology.

I’m done on the 28th and then it’s back to Rupert in time for Christmas.

Sounds interesting. Are you also doing a B. Science or majoring in something specific?

Specialization in Biological Sciences (with focus on Pharmacology), Minor Chem…

It’s a good time.

My exams Just started this morning with Object Oriented programming (Java) the words brutal ass raping come to mind, for basically the whole class :wink:

I have a Java exam tomarrow. Yay fun. I recall dropping MiG’s IT11 class 2 years ago cuase I never thought I’d need it… Boy was I wrong.

Shitty. Yeah, my Astronomy final took me 2 hours and 50 minutes today… I was so pissed off by the end of it. One question took me about 45 minutes, and it couldn’t have been a simpler problem. There were 7 things we needed to find the density of… p=m/v right? Ok, so now they’re all in different units (Kg, Solar Masses, AU, pc, Mpc, Kpc, Hubble, etc), and volume becomes hard to find aswell with spheres and disks and shit. I ended up drawing out a table for the mass in Kg, radius in m, volume in m^3 and finally density in kg/m^3… So annoying. A stupid question, considering one of the questions involved finding out how fast the photons leaving the polar jets of a blackhole were moving away from us by using doppler shift of emission lines and orbital velocities… Oh well, 3 to go.

That sounds pretty intense. Are you actually going to need to know that to use it down the road?

That sounds pretty intense. Are you actually going to need to know that to use it down the road?[/quote]

Ah, that infamous question that I have been asking myself all through Physics and Calculus for the past 2 years.

I completed it… barely and with alot of help I swear this is the LAST time i do any java programming ever. Unless its editing code thats not bad.

My first final starts Monday with Bio. Thursday I have Physics and Anthrolopogy, then on Friday I have Math and Chem.