Fill the racks!

I see everyone’s favourite ‘dad’ made the front page of the paper yesterday with his idea of the ‘bike sharing’ program.  In the article it seems he is asking for help on attempting to get the ball rolling - I don’t have any experience with proposals or whatever else needs to be done - but I wanted to add (in case we are still graced with his presence here on HTMF) that he could probably get some answers to his questions by talking with the staff at City Hall.

One part of the article I found interesting was his university career - while it doesn’t say what he studied I am still curious how a university grad (ok that might be an assumption because the paper didn’t say if he indeed graduated) goes into the profession of fixing bicycles.

I like the idea but in this town; Most or all the bikes over a few months will end up in the creeks, wooded area’s, along the highway, or a twisted heap of metal.

like this one I seen on my walk…

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Nothing wrong with fixing bicycles for a living, that’s for sure.  A bike sharing program sounds like a good idea too.

There are successful bike sharing programs all over the world, you just have to set up a model that works.

As for them ending up in creeks and wooded areas, that used to happen to shopping carts too (ala Trailer Park Boys), but now that there’s a financial incentive (25c or $1)  they tend to come back.  No reason you couldn’t do that for bikes.

Throw down $10 dollars as collateral–the kids that this program is for probly wouldn’t want to lose it by not returning the bikes.

Or, simply take names. I’m not sure how the program is going to work–but if people have to sign their names, it’d be far easier to track the bikes down if they don’t turn up again.

With a program like this, I think greed will always play a roll and there will always be a few kids, and adults, who take advantage of someone’s good will–but I think the positives outweigh the negatives.

I really like the idea of the program.  Good luck with this dad!! :sunglasses:

Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to belittle or mock him in any way by saying what I did in regards to his education/choice of employment.  It fascinates me to learn what someone perhaps studied in college and if their career choice is radically different from that, then what made them change their mind or go down that road. 

While the job I had prior to moving to Prince Rupert utilized my university education, not everyone is like that.  My husband has his degree in Physics & Math - and went into computers after graduation.  He also got his MBA a few years ago and has a genuine interest in business and project management.  Since I have not been able to find much employment in my field around Prince Rupert, I have been recently questioning if my student loans that were upwards of $35k was worth it…is my BRAIN actually worth that much?  I’ll leave that one just hanging out there… :wink:

ETA:  My husband’s best friend spent a lot of money and time in getting his Medical Genetics degree.  Know what he does for a living?  He drives a big rig for Pepsi.  And he LOVES it.  If you’re happy with doing a job, I say do it - regardless of what you (or I, haha) may have spent on a university degree, diploma, certificate - whatever.

I dunno, maybe a liberal arts degree? And the fry cook job was taken?  :imp:

Anyone want to make a few bucks off shopping carts? Check out the lot next to the Inlander, must be 30 of them down there.