Fighter planes intercept Air Canada

[quote]Fighter planes intercept Air Canada jet
WebPosted Apr 27 2004 06:58 PM PDT

VANCOUVER - An Air Canada flight was escorted into Vancouver International Airport on Tuesday evening by two Canadian CF-18 fighter jets on a flight from Toronto ? but no one is saying why.[/quote]

Because we could only afford to put 2 fighters in the air at the same time.

i beg to differ

I motion for a vote of no-confidence!

Yeah man, how many do you expect? Two armed fighters are more than enough intimidation/security for a commercial jet.

If I were to take off in a lil pisspot Cessna and cross the Alaskan Adiz (not very far away off the coast) without letting people know what was up, I would be intercepted by one or two FA/18s too. Pretty routine stuff I think.

Ground School actually covered what to do when intercepted, and wher eto look it up. The CFS (Canadian Flight Supplement) holds all that info if anyone is interested.

a flypast by ONE Unarmed CF18 on afterburners should intimidate anything.