Fight the HST campaign

Here is a link to the website where you can sign up as a canvasser to collect signatures against the HST.
At least 10% of BC registered voters in each riding need to sign the petition (in person) within 90 from tomorrow so the campaign to stop the HST will come to a referendum.

Thanks for that.

… or sign up at the NDP office downtown.

While I am 110% against the HST, what is going to happen if/when it gets defeated and the Federal government wants their $1+ billion back?  :neutral_face:  Are taxes going to go up drastically to cover the expected gains from the HST?  :angry:  I think Gordon Campbell and the rest of the assholes should take a pay cut to cover it!    :imp:

The fight is pretty much useless as the liberals can effectively ignore the petition. what it does do is show the entire province the liberals contempt for the people of BC and yes tehre are still some people who don’t already see it.

The fight is pretty much useless as the liberals can effectively ignore the petition.[/quote]

They can ignore the petition, but they can’t ignore it if there are 10% of registered voters signing in each riding.  Then they legally have to hold a referendum and are bound by its result.

With voter turn out for the last provincial election hovering @ 50%, I wonder how many people would take the effort to vote in a referendum?
The last provincial referendum was not binding unless it achieved a supermajority of 60%. I guess I’m setting myself up as a bit of a skeptic when it comes to voting in B.C.

Soggy said “or sign up at the NDP office downtown”

This is incorrect.  Gary’s office is prohibited from being involved in the referendum, as are all MLA offices in the province.  To sign up to be a volunteer/canvasser, the forms are available at Fishermens Hall, Third Avenue Coffee Shop and King Koin laundry.  You must be a registered voter.  The forms are then sent for approval by Elections BC, heard it has been taking a week or so for folks to received confirmation that they are approved.

Here is the canvasser registration. It includes instructions too:

Thanks. Where does one sign for this to go to referendum? Are the locations you mentioned places to sign or is it already a foregone conclusion it will be included in a referendum next election?

From what I understand, the signups people are mentioning right now are to volunteer as a canvasser for the petition… Not to sign the petition itself. Soggy, if I have it right there won’t be a referendum unless at least 10% of registered voters in every riding sign the petition.

Well I sure believe that it is up to the NDP to get that Ten Percent unless they want it to take place or should we let Bill Vanderzam do it for us.

So, are there any petitions around to sign? I want to be counted!

I’m going to sign up as a canvasser. If ever there was anything to spend some energy on, it would be this. Everyone should be extremely worried about the HST and its cost on everyday life.

It’s worth an afternoon of door-knocking on a couple streets to reach those who don’t know about the petition or who can’t get out. Everyone who is able, with time you could put aside - in Rupert, should.

We’re being taxed to death already, a tax like this could be make or break for many families - mine included.

fYI…the actual petitions to be signed are at the locations above…Fish Hall…3rd Ave Cafe and King Koin Laundry…you can also get a sheet to be a canvasser or do online and fax in.
There will be opportunities in the weeks to come to sign at the mall…outside grocery stores, etc…

N.S. budget makes HST highest in Canada
Government unveils 4-year deficit-reduction plan

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 | 4:53 PM
CBC News

Nova Scotia’s NDP government has kicked off a four-year deficit-busting plan by increasing the harmonized sales tax — making it the highest combined provincial and federal tax rate in the country.

Finance Minister Graham Steele unveiled his $9-billion deficit budget on Tuesday, calling it a “smart, strategic and steady” plan necessary to tackle a painful financial outlook.

The NDP expects to end 2009-10 with a deficit of $488 million. This coming year, it expects to finish $222 million in the red.

“We wish the legacy of unsustainable spending we have inherited didn’t exist, but it does,” said Steele. “It is our responsibility to deal with it — to clean up the mess — so that Nova Scotia’s future is not compromised. Doing nothing is not an option.”

The plan pivots around a hike in the HST, to 15 per cent from 13 per cent.

Read more: … z0kS4mYmV3