FIFA World Rankings

You couldn’t tell by the way they played their first game.

The FIFA World Rankings are a moving average of the last 8 years.  Lots of factors influence the ranking, including how the teams perform at international competitions

So they’re not only good this year, but they’re getting better! Wow…

Well, it was against the #2 rated national team, so I think they did ok.

It seems all the top rated teams (including Brazil, France, England, Portugal, USA, Argentina, Japan) all had shaky starts to World Cup 2006.

I think FIFA is going to change the ranking calculation system after the current World Cup so that more recent results count for more.

Take Germany - they were finalists in the last World Cup and are far down the list … even though they will win the World Cup this year :astonished:

You couldn’t tell by the way they played their first game.

With the US having a ranking of 8 this year, I was really looking forward to their game against the Czech Republic.  #8 vs #2 looked like it would be an excellent and exciting game.  I was quite disappointed.  But you are right, a lot of those top ranked teams have had very shaky starts.  We’ll just have to see how some of them do in their second games.

No soccer thread is complete without a Spanish “goooooooooaaaaaaallll” video clip:

I think it would be great if you included some good soccer music too.

Ole’ ole’ ole’ ole’ Your country, your country.
Ole’ ole’ ole’ ole’ etc, etc.

Or maybe the Brazil song.

ok, time for the brazil song, by request… where is that mp3 when we need it?

edit: here it is:

#1 is Kate Bush doing the song (from the Brazil soundtrack)
#2 is Joao Gilberto, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil doing the song in Portuguese.
and finally #3 is the Vengaboys doing the song.

The song itself is called “Aquarela do Brasil”:Â

I like my version the best “brasseeeeeeel. lalalalalala.  braseeeeeeeel”

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I love this video:

Hah!  That is excellent.  Thanks :smiley:

Another video.  This time it’s a great goal by George Best.

Italy vs USA will be on at noon (Pacific time).  Should be a good match.

Portugal’s made it to the next stage – for the first time since '66. 

Also, TiVo rocks for watching soccer!

how horrible where those red cards minus the one towards italy for the elbow but hte one agents usa was just brutal. Worst ref by far

Yeah, I know it’s popular to say the referee is an idiot, but that had to be the worst refereeing I’ve ever seen.

Yes i agree fully! I personally hate people that bitch about the refs but that game was horrible for the ref.

go BRAZIL…woooo… :smiley:

Once again usa got f’ed by the refs!! Mig did you see the pen. kick at the end of the first? After usa scored to tie it 1 - 1 and what was going to be a killer game untill that happend.

Of course it is always the fault of the officials … let’s not talk about all the mistakes that players make, the missed shots, bungled passes, etc.  So what if the official makes a bad mistake - a good team will overcome the setback.  Go Germany Go!