Fiddler On The Roof

Community theatre is alive and well in Rupert as evidenced by this past weekends performances of Fiddler On The Roof at the Lester Centre. Produced locally by Crystal Lorette, directed by Rudy Kelly with musical direction by Peter Witherly . The play drew from the community a cast of over 50 of our friends and neighbours. Not including 15 or so local musicians comprising the orchestra, conducted by Peter Witherly. Providing the music throughout the play. So a massive production, probably not seen here on this scale since 2008’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Great work and congrats to everyone involved in this years community musical of Fiddler On The Roof. Makes curious to dig up a copy of the 1971 film version done by Canadian director Norman Jewison and starring Topol as the main lead Tevye. Andy Enns played Tevye, giving a tour de force performance in this past weekends shows. I’ve enclosed 2 shots I took from the Friday March 30th show. One of Andy Enns in the role of Tevye. The other showing Marg Logan as Yente (the matchmaker) and Alison O’Toole as Golde (Tevye’s wife)

I’ll echo everything dreaski said. It was a great performance. And i will add one more to his comment about community theatre being alive and how lucky we are. This town has been very fortunate with the number of mentors who year after year encourage young people to perform in various ways - the stage, the band, dancing, singing, backstage work.

Watching the show last night, I was really pleased at how well some of the younger performers displayed their talents. As long as Prince Rupert can retain these people, community theatre is not just alive, it has a very long life as well.