Fewer ferry passengers on northern routes this summer

On September 14 B.C. Ferries released ridership numbers for the summer season, and the northern routes saw a minor decline in traffic compared to the summer of 2008.

bclocalnews.com/bc_north/the … 61027.html

If they didn’t keep raising their prices… ridership would be up.  Simple as that!

It cost over $800 ONE WAY for my Grandparents and Aunt to make it to Port Hardy with a small car.  That’s 2 seniors, an adult, a small car, and a stateroom.  I remember being able to go with my parents, our van, and a stateroom for less than that ROUND TRIP!!! 

Yup, expensive.

2 people 1 small car and a stateroom $600 one to Port Hardy. Hope to get an upgrade to the Hann Suite :laughing: