Ferry capsizes in Red Sea

This is a Titanic like disaster. Death toll could very well be over 1000 lives. Terribly unfortunate.

I wonder though with all of the disasters such as the tsunami, Eartquakes in Pakistan and Hurricane Katrina if we are becoming de-sensitized. Moderm media brings images directly and instantly into our living rooms. Is a disaster such as this one small potatoes now that we have in our lives seen the images of thousands upon thousands die in images from other disasters?? Is modern technology making us less caring??

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We are ALL GOING TO DIE. Some in disasters, in there sleep, stabbed, hung, chopped into pieces, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm; milked to death, extreme torture, gutted, accidents, basement deaths.

All in all we are going back to where we came from. And that is our original planets. Ya get it. Our original planets.

A friend of mine told me that he seen a program on tv about where human life comes from, and all races came from other planets from astoids.
On that show, the Asian countries were first formed as the Asian Planet life was first to hit George Bush’s Planet Earth. And that’s why they are sooooooooo far ahead in technology. Shit, those guys are probably using teleports right now.

Oh, that was a terrible disaster.

Yeah, we’re desensitized, especially us lucky bastards who live in Canada because we haven’t seen war on our land and faced very little in the form of disasters, natural or otherwise. So we watch people dying in Tsunamis in the U.S., or children starving or dying of AIDS in Africa, or a family being bombed accidentally by U.S. warplanes, and we say “Oh my. Good God, that’s terrible,” then we switch it over to The Simpsons and continue drinking our beer, eating our pizza, and scratching our 'nads.

It makes ya think . . . it makes ya think . . .

Oh, gotta go, I think the postman just dropped off the latest issue of JUGS!

Actually fingahz, I don’t think that we are de-sensitized. I think we were never completely sensitized in the first place. It is the internal struggle between altruism and self-preservation. The animal in us fosters the latter for ourselves and our kin. But because we have achieve a higher state of consciousness, we feel somewhat connected to all humans. Science-fiction writers exploit this idea: How often do future societies have humans of different races fighting together against other forms of life?
Before the invention of broadcasting, people would mostly deal with things happening within a small radius of their home. Now we see much more. Deadly disasters seem to happen more often because of that. Not only that but other things seem to happen more often too. Social injustices, ecological disasters, wars, etc…
I often feel weird about the whole thing. I want a good future for my family and I and I want to live in a certain level of comfort here. But I also feel somewhat guilty because of what I consume. I feel sensitive that some things are not ecologically friendly or maybe they come from an oppressed workforce. But they might be things I used daily. Hence the dilemma.

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Not even the worst peacetime maritime casualty loss either. Happens more often than you’d think.