Feeling unstuffed

For the past while on garbage days I have had the lids of my trash can stuffed back into the can. This deformed the can so that it is hard to put the lid back on, but it keeps the lid from blowing away. I have noticed in the past that a lot of others have not had their lids stuffed back into their cans. Looking out the window this morning, alas, I saw that I have joined the unstuffed, while all others I can see are stuffed. Perhaps the city could include in next years phone book a color coded chart of the areas that will be stuffed and unstuffed. This would be of great benefit on windy days.Failing that I suppose the thing to do would be to request the City to stuff it.

Or, you could be like every other rupertite and tie the lid to the can, or get a new can with a lid already attached?

Just ask 'em to stop messing with your garbage can :smiley:

ive gone thru a few cans with missing lids they dont care. i understand thier whole idea of tying the lid to the can . but when i have my can so it is pretty much beside the sidewalk where they dont have to walk to it , whats the harm of putting the lid back on or in the can.

reminds me of putting the toilet seat down when your done peeing. except i pay for them to pick up my garbage , yet the wife doesnt get any money for putting my lid down when im done. soon enough we’ll have to be out there at an exact time to put the bag in the truck for them.

I’d rather just communicate with the people handling the garbage, than go out and buy a completely new garbage can.

I don’t even wanna be bothered with modifying the garbage can to have the lid tied down.

HOWEVER. none of these really apply to me… lol I have a dumpster as my garbage can!

ive communicated with them a few times like when the garbage is too heavy to pick up from being waterlogged from rain because of no lid. i called them to come get it said it was too heavy . i picked it up with one hand with my 2 year old in the other arm. city workers here just dont care.

I agree with many of the comments on here…although, the question to stuff or not to stuff??? Come on people…tie the lids down. We live in a town where the winds blow southeasterly so it really wouldnt matter if the lids were stuffed or not because the whole can is going to blow and im sure someone would find fault in the city workers for that also.