Federal judge rules Garry Reece be reinstated

Not sure how I feel about this!

Quote from the article in the Northern View: “There may have been sufficient grounds as alleged for Mayor Reece’s removal, but the process taken for his removal was fatally flawed.”


The judge ruled that the Councillors who put forward the petition to have him removed won 8 of 9 points but the 9th, the process that had them replace the previous board, was flawed. Reece has admitted to having a sexual affair with the band’s administrative assistant and it is fact that he lied about it at first to Council. Since this decision, there was a band membership meeting Friday at which Council revealed the results of a forensic audit that had been done during Reece’s banishment. It is very damning, of him and the former administrator, Wayne Drury; lots of things going on that Council wasn’t told about. His return may be short lived.