Federal Election- October 14th 2008

Harper has dissolved parliament, we will have a federal election on October 14, 2008.

Election Called

cool  :smiley:

Well actually it’s the GG that disovles parliament, Stevie H can only ask.

She could have, if she wished asked Mean Green Dion to run the lemonade stand for a while, but then there would be a call for a Republic and she probably likes her new digs…

Let the turtles begin their quest…  :laughing:

um, didn’t the conservatives pass a law making the election dates fixed? Or am I just mixing up Campbell’s Liberals with Harper’s Conservatives?

Hair splitting you are [Yoda]. :smile:  
Ha-ha, yes, let the slug-fest begin.

Yes.  That was a campaign promise Harper made in 2006.  That is, fixed election dates.

Yes, but the Ethically Pure Party doesn’t have to obey it’s own laws if they’re not convenient.
Which brings the question into play: Why would you pass a law like that without thinking of the obvious consequences?
Cuz you’re not very smart and ideology is more important than common sense!

LOL Nah, just reminding Liberal fans that they could have returned to their perceived natural place in the evolutionary order without having to actually ask the people…

Which juding the potential for disaster for Mr. Dion is perhaps a path the Libs would have prefered to travel… :wink:

canada.com/ottawacitizen/new … 04048d250f

What Harper said 2 years ago:

“Fixed election dates prevent governments from calling snap elections for short-term political advantage.  They level the playing field for all parties and the rules are clear for everybody.  Election dates stop leaders from trying to manipulate the calendar simply for partisan political advantage.”

Guess he’s flip-flopped on that.

“He (Harper) gives a bad example to Canadians by not respecting his own law,” --Stephane Dion

(of course the Liberals have never dis-respected any of our laws eh)


Election call could be illegal: experts

canada.com/edmontonjournal/s … db4b0f6751

I’m living in Alberta now. Does that mean I get to do an absentee ballot?

Yes.  I’m not a Liberal supporter, but, I do wish they had a stronger leader.  I hope that Dion can at least hold Harper to a minority government.  I also hope that Layton picks up a few more seats.
This will be an interesting five weeks. :smiley:

no that means you don’t even have to bother to vote, just let the conservatives grab all of those seats… :smiley:

EEF That.

You vote in the riding in which you live.

[quote] TORONTO, Canada (AP) – Canada’s prime minister dissolved Parliament on Sunday and called an early election for next month in hopes of strengthening his Conservative minority government’s hold on power.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has changed the date for parliamentary elections via a legislative loophole.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party needs an additional 28 seats to have a majority in Parliament. Although he has downplayed that possibility, polls in recent days indicate his right wing party has a chance to do so.

The October 14 election will be Canada’s third ballot in four years.

The Conservatives unseated the Liberal Party in 2006 after nearly 13 years in power, but as a minority government the Conservatives have been forced to rely on opposition lawmakers to pass legislation and adopt budgets.

With Harper signaling in recent weeks that he was leaning toward calling early elections, analysts said the Conservatives had a better shot of winning now than if they waited until being forced by the opposition into a vote later, when the Canadian economy might be worse off.[/quote]


Define stronger leader. 

If you’re in Alberta for school, you can vote in the Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding by absentee ballot.

If you’ve moved there for work, you can vote in whatever riding you live in.

Someone who is a better politician (read charisma, bullshit artist).  Dion is boring.  At least with Chretien you either liked him or hated him, he inspired strong feelings.  Maybe Dion will get his stride in the next several weeks.  So much about politics is perception and people will often vote for the personality and not the party platform.
Harper looks like a leader even if he’s totally inept.

Isn’t this a sad thing?  Why is it that, in 2008, 141 years after Confederation, a person running as a leader of a party is still judged on his ability to talk to people rather than his ability to think or take action.  I’m not saying that Dion, or Clayton for that matter, are better than Harper, I’m saying that it’s a sad thing that our first reflex is to dismiss someone as being unable to lead because he is “boring” by today’s media hungry society. 
Also, just to add a little twist to this,  when Harper speaks in French, he is fluent and has a great vocabulary and pronounciation but I find him as boring as Dion when the latter speaks in English.