Federal budget

  It looks as though the Conservatives aren’t going anywhere soon. Mr. Ignatieff is standing down for the time being.

  Some may say it’s not much to write home about. Not much in the way of spending, federally speaking.Opinion is that the Tories are counting on a 7% increase in spending in the upcoming years, to work our way out of the debt that the recession left behind.

  Is this a budget worthy of a prorogue in parliament??

Sorry…I meant deficit

No need to disregard the debt vs deficit, both are driving the gov’t need for fiscal restraint.  Not a budget worthy of a prorogue but neither worthy of vote of non-confidence.  It’s as beige as it gets.

took two months off to decide to do the exact same thing they planned 2 months ago. Rad.

I hope that every Tory MP wakes up one morning and sees an old wrinkly spouse with big hairy moles beside them, and thinks “Gee I wish I wasn’t so fucking petty I made elective surgeries non-deductible and GST taxable”.

But then they just go from petty to shallow. :stuck_out_tongue:

***Ahem…I think they are well on their way to petty and shallow.  :-D

A Carbon Tax? Why that’s a tax on everything!
This is just a tax on tits!

LMAO  :smiley:

  At least the liberals always had a sexy spin on how they were going to get more blood from a stone, so to speak. The Conservatives are so vanilla,somewhat gutless to. Piss us off, raise taxes?, take a hard line?,be different. NOPE!,sure worth the wait.