Feature: Missing women inquiry begins in Prince Rupert

There were tears, anger, frustration and a great deal of cynicism when the public inquiry into BC’s missing Aboriginal women held its first public meeting in Prince Rupert​ on Monday.

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I appreciate the fact that our government authorities are visiting our town and many others , trying to find answers to this serious issue which is plaguing our communities and highways throughout our province . I also appreciate that many victims have been First Nations Females . But we must remember that many of these women who have disappeared were of other cultures and I believe that it is not a fair shake for their families who have lost their loved ones. I know that I may get shit for bringing this forward but it is reality. Robert Pickton did not pick and choose his victims all those years. I have spoken with a lady who lost her sister to this animal (Pickton) she this lady feels that the focus has just been a one culture tragedy . I believe that all the lost victims should be remembered as one . Do we remember the young lady from Prince George who was hitch hiking a short distance , who was never seen again . She was a caucasian lady as well . What I am saying please let us honor all of them with our prayers and remembrance .

Very well stated Justin and I believe people have to realize this has not been only an aboriginal tragedy. We must remember all these women as one and set aside these constant labels. They are remembered, now and always.