FDISK Equavalent for XP?


I’m feeling kinda stupid and silly, not being able to get my new Seagte drive working… I have been trying multiple arrangments of jumper settings and such, and I think I may have gotten it right, but now I can’t format the damn thing.

I currently have the jumpers on my ‘master’ to master, and the ‘slave’s’ jumpers set to cable select.

The BIOS recognizes both drives, and Windows Hardware Manager shows both drives. However Window’s Disk Management is unable to initialize the new drive… (also showing it as a 10GB, not 80GB.)

I dont’ have a floppy drive, so I can’t use FDISK. Also, my XP CD is in Prince Rupert, so I can’t even get XP setup to partition and format the drive. Any ideas on software that will?

I’m downloading a copy of Partition Magic 8, via torrent right now.

Please and thanks :smile:

Last I checked, you can still boot to a floppy and run it? And if the BIOS sees it Im pretty sure that the FDISK on the boot disk can see it too.

I dont’ have a floppy drive, so I can’t use FDISK. [/quote]

Wow, I need my glasses, get a floppy dirve. : )
They cost like $5.

More like $20 bucks, and then some disks… and where from at this time of night? I guess futureshop probably has one, but thats $10 bucks of gas… any free/quicker ways?

That stupid copy of Pmagic was french… Am I supposed to know french?

They were $39 in PG last Saturday at the Suture Flop. They’re $7.80 -$8.30 wholesale, OEM no box.

Try both HDs set to CS.

Tried it. The machine wouldn’t even post. The post screen woudl turn grey with some digits showing through and athe machien woudl hang.

I also tried setting one to master and one to slave, but the slave wouldn’t get detected.

As of right now, the drive is ready to go. It just needs and NTFS partition and stuff…

No MA w SL present setting or Single Master only? Both 133s (80 wire)?
Mebbe you jes got a bad HDD…
What sizes?
Grab a couple cheap Samsungs (just don’t put in limiter jumper, that fucks them for good) 80GB are around $100

This is a brand new $80GB Seagate. The drive alone on the black end of the ATA cable works. I guess the cable is screwed up. I’m going to try the other ATA cable that is runnign my DVD-RW and CD-RW drives, before ordering a new one though.

I am able to have either drive work fine aslong as it’s plugged into the 'master '(black) end of the cable.

It was the fucking cable…


Any ideas on somewhere in Canada that offers free shippping on crap like IDE cables? Tigerdirect.ca doesn’t do it anymore.

happy happy joy joy1! Occam’s razor: blame the cheapest part first…
only outfits I know with free shipping you need to order $500 or more. Need 80 more IDE ribbons? :laughing: