Favorite Commercial

Over the years commercials seem to be getting better and better. What are your favorites? Here is one of mine:


My favorites are the Jack in the Box ones. Like when they were the sponsers of the superbowl and they were all like real part of the game except right when the guy was ten yards for getting a touchdown the jack in the box runs him down with the blimp. :laughing:

I have to say that one of the best I’ve seen on TV recently is the blizzard commercial where the baby hits the dad in the nuts and then headbutts him on the nose.

One of my all time favorite is the John West Salmon commercial


I hope the links works.

Ahh mines still the Ikea one with the Kid playing with his moms chrome dildo… or the staples one with the robot. and the new Ford one that kills that cat! lol

Dildo = http://www.meaningofplus.com/mop/videos/ right between Rangers Hockey fight (Cloutier kills salo) and Naked Ice Cream
Ford = http://media.ebaumsworld.com/sportka.wmv

The God eating a pizza one with tabasco is funny too.

I recommend checking out www.meaningofplus.com/mop/videos
and scrolll down to the very bottom and cehck strange old commericals!!! they have a 84 mac one and old VW ones pretty sweet!


i like those identity theft commericals and axe

Alexander Keith’s Beer “spilly talker” guy.

2 words: moroccan snowmobile.

With or without the bra?

haha that new I AM CANADIAN commerical is sweet i agree coop.

and for keiths its all about the “Label Pealer” ahah

I actually find this one quite simplistic and devoid of real original content. Molson is overusing the I AM CANADIAN phrase. They should have stopped after the commercials with the song. The sentiment of fun patriotism that one felt at the beginning of the I AM campaign is now transformed into an uneasy feeling.

im not so much for the “i am” bit, i mean, molson can go fuck themselves in terms of defining canada to all but a few who cant define it themselves…but its got a dude with a turban over revving a cheesy old bombardier from the 70s out in the desert… its funny!!


I got paid $3US to critique that commercial before it came out. It changed quite a bit from the one that I saw.

Anyone seen that new one where you got 2 days to blow $100,000 and you can’t have anything left over? Got paid $3US for that too. That one didn’t change too much from the one I saw.

When they originally plan out a commercial, it’s always in cartoon form. It seems pretty weird when you see it the first time, but it looks good when it reaches a real commercial.

I did not know that. Thank you for telling me that.