Fathers Day Deals at NCIX

Does anyone have any info on this drive? Does it look like a good deal or should I grab a different drive? Looks like a good deal to me but I don’t know jack.


Ew Maxtor.
Go Western Digital or Seagate if there isn’t a huge price difference. Maybe that SATA2 technology out now, if your mobo supports it!

After my last few experiences I tend to shy away from Maxtor drives. Seagate has a great manufacturer warranty and i believe so does Western digital. My personal opinion is that maxtors are crap and I will never buy one again… however I dont really deal with non networking/solid state hardware anymore so maybe they got better…

Well I’ve heard of lots of Maxtor drives arriving DOA, I wasn’t sure if it was just certain ones, or if the whole brand was crap.

they’re cheap for a reason :stuck_out_tongue: and its not because they dont like money :smiley:

Now that I think of it… who needs a 200GB hard drive when I can buy a dvd-rw instead?

It sure is nice to hear all this positive news about Maxtor drives. I have yet to have any problems with my 200gb Maxtor drive, but maybe I am just one of the lucky ones.

Yeah, you might be one of the lucky ones… or yours could still be too new yet.

My last 2 drives have been Seagate, before that, Fujitsu. And I’ve been happy with all of them.

i used to buy maxtor all the time…at one point i had 4-5 of them in my pc, 2 of them are pretty much dead now. i bought a 200 gig wd to replace them, 3 year warranty sounded nice :wink:

Anyone hear anything about the new HTATA drives coming out… suppose to have a 1ghz/s transfer rate or something crazy fast. When it’s realesed it will make fast prosessors not such an important part of your computer anymore. Loading times will be 5 times faster then the fastest drive tranfer rates that are current.

Can’t beat the seagate 5 year warantee

Never heard of a Seagate DOA either. Maxtor on the other hand…

slow down there stop getting so excited…you used the wrong units and can i have a link to this htata technology? … by the way processor speeds are already unimportant…

4 Maxtor/Quantum drives have died on me. I have been using Seagate and IBM since without any failures.

Heh, IBM drives have such a bad rap now because of the Deathstar series. Kind of like Chrysler minivans and transmissions.

Or like Ford and vehicles in general?

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