Fatal accident on the water last Thursday

I heard (over the VHF) that a local charter fisherman was killed on the water last thursday. Ran his boat at full speed in to a rock. Anyone else heard this or have more info on this?

Yes, I heard about the accident but it is the first I heard the “at full speed” segment, you stated in your post. Thursday was a horrible night for weather conditions. Both wind and rain were immense!

Just heard the people who were out there talking about the accident on the VHF. The fellows name was Mike, alcohol was involved and he made a bad decision to go out on a vessel in the nite. They said he hit the rock at over 40miles, and peeled the bottom of the boat back. Boat was found partially submerged and body was located on the shore. Very sad. Condolences to his family.

I have been away and didn’t hear this. Have a huge gut reaction that I might know the person in this accident. Have any full names been posted? PM me if you don’t want to post.

I feel the same as “roja”. Could someone PM me also if they know the name? My condolences to his family, very sad.

I heard the male was from the west coast of vancouver. From a credible source. Very unfortunate

He was a friend of mine but out of respect for the family I won’t release any details. It was a very tragic accident. I have been in contact with family and my sympathy goes out to all of them. I am feeling really sad right now.

By 250 News (from here: bit.ly/9nPmI6 )

[quote]Prince Rupert, B.C. – The B.C. Coroner’s Service is trying to find out how a 52-year-old Prince Rupert man ended up dead at the helm of his boat.

Prince Rupert RCMP were called out by the Canadian Coast Guard Thursday after fishing vessels spotted a boat that had run aground in the passage between Baron Island and Dunira Island. Inside the boat, officers of the RCMP Marine Section found the man’s lifeless body slumped over the helm.

Police say the bow of the vessel suffered severe damage and items were found strewn about the cabin, all signs that the boat slammed into the rocks hard. The vessel was completely out of the water and on the rocks when it was initially spotted.

RCMP have turned the man’s body over to the coroner so that a cause of death can be determined. But police say the death is not considered suspicious.

The man’s name has not been released.

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We were able to find out a bit more information about the accident, including the identity of the man: muskegnews.com/man-dies-in-boating-accident

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