Farmers = Sickies

I think we should all become veggies like nixie5 now.

[quote]Farmer feeds family friend’s corpse to pigs

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German farmer confessed to feeding the corpse of an elderly family friend to his pigs and then stealing from his bank account, police said Monday.

Police ruled out murder and the 29-year-old farmer has been charged with improper burial and fraud.

The elderly friend died in the farmer’s yard in February 2005 and the farmer, through his mother, had power-of-attorney giving him access to the dead man’s bank account and pension.

The farmer initially put the corpse in a deep freezer, police in the German town of Frizlar-Haddamar said, and told curious locals the old man was in a nursing home.

“From lectures about various religions the 29-year-old knew that Buddhists either burn the dead or allow wild animals to eat them. That was how he decided to feed the corpse to his pigs,” the police statement said.

He let the corpse thaw, dismembered it and fed it to his pigs. He put the parts the pigs did not eat into a sack and buried it.

The farmer told police “it was a great act of stupidity” and said “the only explanation was his difficult financial situation at the time.”


Get with it, man. Everyone knows that feeding a corpse to pigs is the quickest way to get rid of one. You mean you haven’t done?

Holy shades of Willy Pickton Batman!