Farmers market


how is the farmers market going on thursdays?  What do the locals, tourists think of it??


No parking any where, seems to be the same people selling the same things every Thursday.  Its like seafest once a week.


Seafest once a week?  Shish-kabobs? 


its a joke, but maybe in time it will develop
I still think it needs to be at one of the parks along the waterfront…


Couldn’t agree more. Nothing of interest for locals except inconvenience cuz Mayor Pond overrulled his advisors and decided to move it downtown rather than hold the market in mariners park where it belongs.


My mom says her store is slower during the farmers market.  Mainly because there is no where for customers to park.  I cant see having the farmers market there good for businesses.  They don’t like spending lots of money.  You got 4 clothing stores, 2 jewelry stores, a bank, and a gym.  They should move it down by the bargain and dollar store, where it fits there budget. 


I have to laugh at that  comment about moving it down the street…
I feel for business owners though… the market is a joke and deters business in the area …
Move the dam thing to the park…


I think it should be moved to the City Hall fountain area and off the street completely.  But hey, I’m no engineer of these type of frolics.  I do agree that it does take away from local merchants’ business who must gawk at the eyesore.  This “market” thing might pick up, or as the local paper says, “catch on”, who knows.  I haven’t been through one of them yet to really comment.  I truly hope that its not a barage of of junk, like the flee market on 1st Avenue and Terminal in Vancouver.  That’s messed up.


I think that might work to the fountain area… I find a little of the stuff not bad, but its not worth closing down a street for a few baskets and beads… 

It’s a joke move it to Mariners or fountain or some place… 


why didn’t they put the market in mariners park?? Why was the decision to put it smack in the middle of downtown?


As stated earlier in this blog: Herb went against his advisors and choose to put the dam thing where it is on 3rd, thinking he was doing them a favour to as it would draw people in the area and possibly increase business in the shops, but the opposite is occuring.