Fantastic 4

Anyone see it yet? Is it worth going to this week?

Jessica Alba woo woo if it was the worst movie in history, and had her in it, its worth seeing…lol.
its the number 1 draw in the states, even with all the shitty reviews Im going to see it Tues.

Anyone see the orginal fantastic four that was made in the 1995 it never made it out of studio it got put into a vault, someone got a hold of a copy a few years ago and it was on mirc, what a pile of shit, I dont blame the studio trying to hide it from the public…

I went today and saw it. The movie is no masterpeice but I found it worth my money to go. I went mostly because I’m a big fan of Michael Chiklis from “The Shield” so I really wanted to see how he pulled off Ben Grimm. Frankly I think he did a great job.

Overall it was pretty decent.

saw the movie last sunday. It wasn’t great, but i thought it was worth watching. I only went for two reasons, it’s the Fantastic 4, and Jessica Alba. Both were delivered.