Family Guy Movie

I wonder if people get fired when movies/episodes are leaked to the public before the scheduled release date?

I give this one a High Five! I distinctly remember Three LOL moments, and when compared to an average of 0.73 LOLs per episode it is just riiiight…

Ok has anyone seen the episode where the whole family kicks the sh!t out off each other? I mean they beat each other like crazy! guy hits girl, girl hits guy… its nuts…

I thought the simpsons was bad sometimes

high-five indeed! It’s really funny!

reporter: Stewie, do you know if Fox has any plans to bring back Futurama?

Stewie: What magazine are you from?

report: Entertainment Weekly

Stewie kicks the crap out of reporter.

Also, the language is great! and lots of R-rated stuff too.

Saw the teaser or whatever on Just For Laughs, it was “exclusive”, quite a surprise.

I laughed my ass off when Stewie was drunk and told Brian he was sexy.