Fake or Possible?

The article http://www.cbc.ca/cp/Oddities/070325/K032502AU.html#skip300x250

The video

I call ‘poo poo de toro’ on this one. 

I would say its both.
Quite Possibly fake;)

Discussion on Cryptomundo:

cryptomundo.com/cryptid-univ … bf-video2/

Coincidental side note:  I just noticed that the Canadian Press writer of the article, Jeremy Hainsworth, used to write for the Daily News if I’m not mistaken.

He mentions that the cryptoozoology website talks about the  Mongolian Death Worm.  I wonder if that’s where some sci-fi book and script writers took their inspirations ( Dune, Tremors) :confused:

If I was going to fake it, I would have used more footage, and not a sec, it did look like it was on two feet when it stepped in to the brush, as our little world loose more forests there will be alot of strange things being found… as for this… I’m at 50 % whether this is fake or real…

Thinks it is Fake  i have seen better footage and they seemed fake also. I think this wholething of  Big Foot is fake

Interesting stuff…I get my daily dose of the paranormal from here: 

Interesting video clip:-)  It is too bad the image quality is so poor.  I would really like to believe in Big Foot, but, I’ll need better evidence than that clip.  I’m uncertain if that was staged or a genuine encounter.

thanks Dave, great site…

i guess it could be a fake but i would like to believe that it is real, i would like to someday find my own bigfoot, there’s one out there somewhere.  :smiley:

Isn’t that sweet, spring time and romance is afoot.

CheifDave, if big foot has a crush on him, there is still a hope for you.

Awww, did I hurt your fellings? :cry:

I meant feelings lol


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