Fairview Container Terminal: Phase 2 Coming Soon

According to Don Krusel, CEO for the PRPA…Prince Rupert should expect a very positive announcement coming very soon in regards to long awaited Phase 2 expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal.

thenorthernview.com/eedition … 1070054596

The BIG hold has been,once again,the INDIANS,how unusual !The contract was let to Fraser River Pile,but now the CO and the port have to satisfy “the indians”,what a #$%^&%^% joke!

your rude!!!

I don’t know why you’re complaining now, but the news about Phase 2 being just right around the corner is something to be excited about.

Please move on, saltybear.

Not when we are being held to ransom.Not many years ago it was considered extortion,just saying!

Are we talking about the fire department again?

Not that it seems to make a difference on the forum, where fact checking isn’t apparently required on any topic, but where exactly in the story presented, does it say that the project is being held up by anyone?


I don’t normally read these PR items (as its not really news) that the weekly paper puts out on port developments more than once, but I’ve read this three times now and don’t see where you came up with your talking point.

Inside info, or just rambling and unfounded speculation?

a long time ago the first nation people lived in those areas and have burial sites that need to be respected…
millennia-research.com/kaien-sid … ompletion/

also a video from 73 about destruction of burial sites…

facebook.com/video.php?v=87 … 90&fref=nf

As ill-informed as your opinion may or may not be presenting it in an insensitive and boorish way does little for your credibility.


Are we talking about the fire department again?[/quote]


I am a INDIAN and I didnt hold fuck all up,so fuck you you racist prick,get your facts straight before spouting your hate, BAN THIS RACIST DICK

The expansion that I am talking about is the one that is on the old Okabe shipyard site.The area that was mentioned in one of the posts about the "Garbage dump"is on the road/rail access and is not part of the port/dock expansion for the phase two project.And,yes I DO have inside info on what is going on!I am not nearly as racist as the last poster,just would like to see all of these deals that are happening made public then you can judge for your selves.

“I am not nearly as racist as the last poster”

Gee, thanks for the clarification…so if I get this right, you’re just a little bit racist? or a middle of the road racist? or not really a racist just stating the facts about other racial groups?

As for your inside information - it seems to be about a totally unrelated issue to the one being discussed in this thread.

So do you enjoy life in your alternate reality?

Are you talking about Phase 2 expansion at Fairview or not?