Facebook and other sites

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I’m a total Fark whore… the 'shop contests are too funny to pass up. The general cynicism and rude bathroom humour appeals to me. Their new layout sucks the big one though.

So many lines popped up in my head after reading this one :wink:!

They did a good job with Facebook. It’s social enough without being obtrusive. Having a good user base helps a lot too.

The Inquirer:  theinquirer.net/default.aspx

I <3 Facebook.  I spend more time on there than anywhere else now.

Is Facebook like Orkut?

Facebook is better than any online community I’ve been in.  Other than this one of course! 

Facebook isn’t cluttered and ugly like MySpace, and Bebo, and it seems like more people use it lately than any other site.  I like the fact you can decide what you can and cannot see, you can add multiple photo albums, and you can see the activity of your friends if you’d like.

The only thing I don’t like is there is no network for Northwest BC, or Prince Rupert, so a lot of people have joined the Juneau, AK network instead.

Yeah, in the same way Mac OS X is like Windows :wink:

It is the perfect utility for internet-turned-reality stalking…

Some folks I’ve met at the pub know so much about me, even before I’ve introduced myself.

Then I don’t think I’m gonna join because I didn’t have much time to do the Orkut thing. 

Funny, I really had no idea there was a site called Facebook until the other day I recieved an email from someone, whom I did not know, with an invite to join Facebook.

I guess I’m not social enough…though its more like I’m not willing to post stuff about myself online.

The nice thing about Facebook is that you can pretty much be anonymous on it, except for those with whom you want to share stuff.

My brothers and I post soccer videos publicly, but all the personal family stuff is only viewable by other members of the family.

Privacy options go all the way from “nobody can even know I’m on facebook, except for those who I allow to see me” to “the world can know everything about me” … and everything in between.