F***** train whistle

What the F***** train blowing whistle at Fairview crossing???

Fucking whiners !

Really I get so tired of the whiners out that way… suck it up it’s called development … you live by a waterfront / rail line in a port city!

For all intents and purposes, the answer would be yes, by federal law they are required to blow the whistle for a specified time (between 15 and 20 seconds) in advance of every crossing.

Some towns have quite zones or another example would be if it was on Private Property .

Without the rail line where would Prince Rupert be today.

There are some nice houses for sale on the east side of town - don’t hear a thing here.

In an attempt to reduce the frequency of the train whistles. Last year the PRPA spent a couple mil to install automated signals in the waterfront. There are currently three. One at the Maher terminals guard house crossing, one at the airport ferry crossing and one at bc ferries. Having used to work at the Alaska ferry terminal i can contest that no train whistles were heard. Perhaps you are hearing the blasts from another crossing?

How nice to hear from all you F**** that live on the other side of town or not here at all,and yes it was at the Fairview crossing,I can see the crossing!!!

When did you move to this area you are living in. Whistles have been going on for how many years ???? a long time.

If you don’t like the whistle’s peace out of this town.

You sound a little … “salty”.

insert Horatio Cane CSI cutscene

If someone were to get hit by a train because there were no whistles blowing… would the blame be on you?

Personally, I have never been bothered by any city noises but do sympathize with the posters vent. Bad enough their property values have declined on that side of town, now they have to read the complaints on here about their “whining” !
I wonder if all of you would be so tolerant if it were you hearing the whistles all day? Be nice folks, everyone is allowed to have a rant or two ! Now about those damn boarders zipping down the road at 4 AM ?

LOL at Saltybear, always trolling along. I wonder when he/she will actually ‘peace out’ of Rupert. HTMF will celebrate with high fives, pizza pockets and some orange tang.

Would the East side of town not have a little more air traffic noise to deal with? I live about 600m from a train crossing, and a train goes by 5 or 6 times a day, that I hear… I’ve never heard anyone complain about it, even from the people that live 20m from the tracks… You kind of take that one when you buy a house near a crossing, just saying.

Why call everyone F****? I wonder what the community thinks of you…

Why call everyone F****? I wonder what the community thinks of you…[/quote]

Indeed. It does make one wonder.

I live near the seaplane base, I hear seaplanes all of the time. Suck it the f*ck up cupcake!

Saltybear, sandy vagina whats the difference.

I don’t think saltybear made his case too well, but the train whistles are very loud for people near that area of town. With more and more rail traffic headed our way, it seems perfectly reasonable to reopen the discussion around an automated crossing. I have no idea what the laws are around mandatory whistles on public vs private property, or any of that–but by way of example, there’s a crossing between the highway and the waterfront neighbourhoods in Ladysmith, and gates and lights do very well without the need for whistles.

With the things that get complained about on HTMF and around Prince Rupert, some of them very minor from where I stand, why are the concerns of a resident about loud train whistles invalid?

This issue was to have been resolved about a year ago when the Port announced that it had put in lights and other safety measures at the Fairview crossing: “With those safety features now in place, CN Engineers have been advised to only sound their whistles should they observe an unauthorized person, animal or object on the tracks that may pose a risk to safety.” northcoastreview.blogspot.com/20 … ssing.html

It may be a good idea to take any concerns to the Port.

It could be some idiot walking along the rail, or some jackass ignoring the signal that caused the train to whistle.

People complaining about the train whistle really need to suck it. People getting killed by a train is every locomotive engineer’s nightmare.

I am NOT complaining - but any guesses as to why the sea planes were abnormally loud today? I don’t remember ever hearing them so noisy before???

Probably just because I pointed it out, and now you’re noticing it.