EZ Rock 99.1

I’m that guy on that radio station that plays lots of Katy Perry.

If you like my show from 6-10 in the morning, awesome!

If you absolutely can’t stand me, my parents can relate.

Anyway, it’s hard for me to really get the opinion of the Prince Rupert masses (I don’t get much in the form of calls/emails/tweets). Even though I’ve been here almost 6 month after moving here from Ontario, I’m still learning about the area as I go. I’m also the only host for EZ Rock actually IN Rupert. All the others are either in Terrace or they are John Tesh.

So here’s why I’m posting here. I want to know:

  • What kinds of things/topics you want to hear on the radio

  • What you want from a local radio station in general

If you’re more of a person that listens to their iPod in the car or another station, to each it’s own! But if you do listen to EZ Rock, I’m here because my job is to entertain you. Let me know what kinds of things you’re looking for.

I have to admit that I don’t listen to local radio much anymore. Between Sirius, streaming, podcasts, etc I pretty much get my fill. That probably is because I became bored with the content and have more control to what I listen to with these other forms of media. Do you have control over the music played or is that plumbed up from down south? I’d like to listen to something with a little more edge. Not saying that it should turn into a heavy metal station but Rick Astley and Richard Marx type tunes get old fast. I want the music I listen to to make me feel good… To pick me up, not put me to sleep or bring me to tears. Less talk, more music. But when you do talk, keep people engaged by making it fun. I honestly haven’t heard you yet but you have my interest now so ill be tuning in. For how long I don’t know

Ha, ha!!! Welcomme to Prince Rupert!
Hard to please everyone, eh? I’mm an 80’s fan mmyself. Seriously, the namme EZ Rock is a clear clue! One day, mmy friend’s brother changed the station over to your station and mmy friend & I both cringed and she prommptly changed it to another station. Her brother said, “Just wait!” and changed it back. We could hardly believe it! Such a MAJOR immprovemment over prior CHTK broadcasts.
I like to stay informmed on what is soon to take place or what’s happening ‘locally’ in PR in near as possible REAL timme - instead of day/s old info. Although I’mm currently living abroad (Amsterdam NL) I amm able to tun into EZ Rock anytimme. Inpromptu contests/quizzes are one way of keeping listeners tuned in. The prizes don’t have to be expensive. Everyone likes to be a winner! =)
Keep rock’n!!!

You are 100% improvement from the guy before you and I actually missed you when you went on vacation!!!

I only listen in the morning or when I’m in the car.

I’m OK with the music but what I would like is more Rupert content, some way to have some local personal interest, and more local news.

Like someone else said, contests perhaps. What’s news to the listener?

People in Rupert can be a little non-responsive - I’ve been here more than 20 years and love the place but a lot of people are slow to get involved. Just the way it is - but if someone needs something there isn’t a better place to be.

Good luck and keep trying

Thanks for the input!

As for the guy before me, I’m actually a big fan of Tyler O’Halloran’s work. I didn’t know the guy before but we’re both from Toronto and he’s been in touch with me since I moved here and has been a big help in getting to know the town and meeting people.

Music: I can’t say too much about it, but some changes have been made. Our music is scheduled daily. I have some control over it, but not very much. But we do have you in mind in that regard.

Local content: Local news is sort of after the fact here. Normally I start local, the provincial, then national. Some days there is nothing to talk about aside from pipelines, Christy Clarke, crime and Northcoast politics. Our newscasts talk about it but I avoid it since it tends to be a downer. I usually start off looking at The Northern View for stuff, but being a news publication I don’t normally hear about stuff until after the fact. But if something of note does happen, I make sure it’s out there. We also have our EZ Life spots running throughout the day now, which let you know about community events coming up soon.

Concerts: If you saw Prince Rupert’s Got Talent, Bif Naked, The Platters or Chilliwack this year, you saw me. I was the guy on stage introducing acts.

Sattelite Radio: Like I said, to each it’s own! I’m actually a fan of XM myself, but the best things in life are free!

Thanks again, I’ll be referring listeners to this thread and will listen to what you have told me today! I’ll continue to check back to this thread as well!


This morning I heard you say before Blurred Lines was played that your Mother doesn’t like it. I’m not surprised. The unfortunate thing about that song is without the lyrics it sounds great - catchy - very danceable - and before I actually paid attention to what it says I liked it.

It’s unfortunate these things can be sold and played on radio. On the other hand, I don’t mind driving along bopping my head in time to the song???

try posting on facebook . do you guys have a facebook page? refer people there and do requests thru the page for songs . i like my old school punk songs can’t find it on the radio much.

Facebook - north ez rock bc

My mother actually said Blurred Lines was her favorite song… until I explained to her what the lyrics were about. Then she hated it, and made me promise her I wouldn’t grow up to be like Robin Thicke. My parent’s have listened online from Ontario to every single show from I’ve done since moving here in January.

Feel free to send me requests with the following methods:

Email: mark.davis@bellmedia.ca

Twitter: @EZRockMark

I’m also on Instagram: @markdavistagram, but I tend to be much more foul on that, as it’s a personal social media account rather than a work driven one.

But feel free to send me requests. I’ve been much more selective in my music lately. We’ve added a lot of current tunes to our library over the past few months. If you like it, let me know. If you hate it, let me know. (Basically I go for more current, high energy stuff, nobody wants to be put to sleep that early in the morning.)

As I said in my initial post a while ago, I’m here to entertain you in the morning, and any input you have helps me improve that :smile:

Thanks for listening!

If you didn’t hear this morning, I’ll be departing EZ Rock 99.1 effective next week. My last show will be November 22nd.

I just wanted to take this chance to say goodbye to you guys here on HTMF. I first posted this thread when I was about 7 months into the job. I took your advice and tried to make EZ Rock the best station it could be from 6-10AM, Monday-Friday. Hopefully I succeeded in that.

I’m back to Ontario on Nov 30th, I’m sticking to radio but I’ll also be pursing other side projects as well as trying to achieve more goals in my life. Just like the one I set years ago: “Be an on-air radio host.”

If you listened everyday, I thank you :smile:. If you didn’t, no hard feelings! I’m up against local competition that are very good at what they do.

Thank you again, Rupert! Please give my successor as friendly a welcome as all of you gave me.

-Mark Davis

I am sad to hear you’re leaving us. (I did hear you announce it on-air this AM)

I have enjoyed listening to you as I get ready for work every morning. I have laughed, stopped to think, and headed for google more than once.

All the best in your endeavors!!!