I’m using my brother’s computer and his browser is explorer (spit) and it seems he hasn’t customized it.  I can’t believe how much  is on the top bars.  I mean, it takes about a quarter of the screen and it has stupi stuff like smiley central and cursor mania.
I’m always amazed to see how Micros… designers think that the average user is a three years old!

Agreed.  IE blows! :imp: 
FF 3.0 is the way to go.  The only time I use IE is to update software on my Windows units at work.

All those “bars” are spyware that he probably didn’t even realize he installed.

LOL I like how the ads by Google is cursor mania at the bottom of the page.
Why DO people use IE anyways? Firefox is so much better.

Sadly, after years of using Firefox I have switched back to IE (7).  This version is quite user friendly, basically copied FF or Apple or whoever, but the result is good.  I have both FF and IE installed, but IE is my choice.

sad but true

Nothing to be ashamed of, especially since you’ve actually tried other browsers and made a choice. 

Most people don’t know there are other browsers at all.  Those are the ones with all the toolbars installed.  (“Your computer’s clock is wrong!  Click here to fix it!”  or “Your computer may be infected, click here for a free scan!” or everybody’s favourite: “HELLOOOOOO!  HELLOOOOOOOWW!”)

Personally, I love the new webkit, which will eventually be the next version of Safari (and the KDE browser too).  But I also have an intel-optimized version of Firefox running.  Sometimes I have 5 different browsers going at the same time so I can have a different set of cookies on each – for testing purposes – like what does something look like logged in and not logged in, what does it look like in IE, etc.

Don’t let people give you heck over using IE if you’ve actually chosen it, though.

Screenshot, see if you can spot all the browsers:

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Well-said.  I’ll be quiet about IE now:-)

I have quite a few gizmos with html interfaces that ONLY work with Explorer. 4,5,or 6 that is. Access them with IE7 you just get returned to the login page.
I’ve actually returned merchandise with notes attached telling them I will buy it when you can run it from a Mac or Linux or FF, not just IE.
As for toolbars, I believe toolbars are for tools. MOST of the computers we get in for service have so many you might as well be viewing it on a Eee’s screen. They don’t even know you can uncheck them in the View menu…
A competitor here convinced the Band Office and the Chamber (how he did that when he isn’t a member astounds me…) that IncrediMail is a ‘fantastic’ program. So there’s these disgusting mails with little smileys on the bottom. It’s insane when they e-mail and give you shit

I am thoroughly unhappy with the quality of your service, every time I turn on my computer I get an IP Address conflict and can’t get my e-mail! I have had our tech check it 4 or 5 times and he’s says it “your Internet” messing up the really good DLink router he got at Radio Shack and hooked all 164 computers here to…
:smiley: :sunglasses: :unamused: :laughing: silly icons free at  :stuck_out_tongue: :angry: :smile:

Some of our shit at work refuses to work with anything other than IE6, and if you spoof your browser to say that it’s IE6, everything is so broken. The CSS or whatever isn’t even close.

Suggestions to avoid this?
Also, cheap suggestions to avoid viruses?  Or do I tell him  to buy Norton’s stuff?

I use a mac so this is new to me :wink:

No, don’t get the Norton stuff.  It’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Anti-spyware programs (spybot s&d, for example) are free.  Update them, keep them updated, scan often.  If your friend insists on using IE, train him not to fall for those ads that end up installing crap on his computer.

I found another good, free malware program:  malwarebytes.org is good.  Just click on the green download button.  I’m running this on several win2k boxes at work.


Thanks guys!

AVG 8 has its own antispyware. To fix other people’s I use Super Anti-Spyware, and then uninstall it.

Your computer may be infected! Click here to perform a free scan!


Man, I am this close to putting one of those ads on another website I run.  Some of those guys are paying like $1.50 per click.  Insane.

But then I’d feel guilty, I think.  Or not.

Some dickwad has one of those with Fsjames.com in the search field. Do you know how many ppl have accused me of infecting my site?

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on track with the thread subject, it took me all of five minutes to install WINE and IE4Linux on my Ubuntu box!
Smooth! Now I can access everything from one box, plus I have Nagios and Darkstat running so I can do some network monitoring. Plus access to our network while I’m on the road!