Explorer cache

Does anyone know how to make explorer actually refresh short of deleting the cache? This thing pulled up last week’s movie schedule, and when I hit refresh it pulled up one two weeks old!
All other browsers update if you click reload!

Shift-refresh? What version? There are settings for how it caches, take a look in the options.

it’s set to check for updates each time you start it, as i had this problem set to automatic (the default). Shift-refresh doesn’t work either.

At work i have to update our website, start Opera or Netscape, refresh it, and only after that will explorer refresh to the new stuff. drives me nuts if i want to touch page up 3 or 4 times…

there should be an “I actually want to go on the Internet and get it” button, but of course it would have 3 “are you sure Y/N” popups along with it.

I like safari Best… but i have been using Fire-fox a bit and this new email program Thunderbird that cant compare to Mail…