Explaining the avator

So many people ask, so what’s up with your avator, are you religious or something? So here is the big answer… No I’m not religious, not that there’s anything wrong with having religion or faith… i’m all for people doing what works for them, and everyones choice and needs with religion is different. But for me, i’m not religious, i am spiritual for sure… i think most people must be… but back to the avator. So many people look at people differently because of how they look, or who they are… like it’s a shock that god loves them. Or they use that sentence to hurt or separate themselves from others, like they are elitist and special, better than others. I just thought how with piercings and my tattoos how it would be ironic to wear this sweater, because, if i were religious, well yes, jesus love even me. And why not, why can’t he… or she… and who are we to decide who jesus can or can’t love. How did we become the judge of that? so for me, this avator was inspiring… cute… and rebelious. My way at jabbing back. Kind of an inside joke. So what’s your avator about?

i change my avator every other month, i get borred and look for something thats different,  I like this one right now, as I,m in the process of comming out with a clothing line called deadkitty…its for the goth in you…

LMAO :smiley:

hmmm I don’t see an avatar for you at all.

Gosh!  It’s just a frickin little picture!

My avatar’s simply me. heh.

Someone once asked me, when I still used an avatar that wasn’t me: “Why don’t you use a photo of yourself? Are you afraid to stand behind your words? Frightened to show your face? Would you prefer to hide?”

No, I wouldn’t prefer to hide. Here I am in all my non-glory! :wink:

You look like Chandler Bing!