The other night I put some ripple chips on this scrap paper sitting on my desk. Well look at the lovely greasy mess the paper absorbed. Good to know that an actual full-sized chip would leave a stain about 15x the size of the one those little crums left.

Makes me think twice about eating those chips.

It’s Rip-L-Chip! I mean, c’mon.

would you rather have them bring back the Olestra chips with low chlorestorol oil, but caused ‘anal leakage’? :laughing:
That’s not half as bad as waking up after a Demerara party and finding containers of clotted Chinese food on your counter.

Needless to say, they taste damn good.
By the way, what ever happend to Hostess and those munchie characters?

^ The munchie characters all died of heart-attacks so the company became sad and closed.

mmmm chips… gots to love the greasyness…

yeah thats sick but its also good.

Thank you for your insight.