Every post on every forum being moderated now?

It would appear that every post is now being moderated before it is posted publicly, regardless of its content and direction. Interesting concept, for sure!

Only the first 3 posts. Stops spammers.

Nice touch… thanks for your quick response!

I think this should be fixed now. We copied the users over from the old forum, so all users were “new users.”

Just out of curiousity,did we have a poll on this or was the decision just made from the higher ups lol

The moderation thing? Or the changing of the forum software?

The moderation thing is a built-in default. We screwed up when we copied the users, because they were all set as new users.

The forum software update was for a couple of technical reasons. I was told to dump the old software, no choice there. But I did get to choose phpbb because I liked this theme. It also looks better on mobile devices, though I’m still working on that.

Ok, I’m sure there are lots of tweaks and bugs that we’ve missed. Feel free to point them out. Will be back later tonight to work on the site some more.

Well I really do not like this so called concept but who am I to argue with the so-called higher up .

Yeah like bringing it back to how it once was and try to remember if it ain’t broke leave it alone.

Yeah, the problem was that it was broken. So it was either switch to something else, or the site would go offline.

Well I guess that I will trust you on this one Mig but you have been known to mess with the old guy before and seeing you are in Terrace well it will take me a little longer to find you…lol O0

The “new user” thing is something they added to phpBB in the latest update. When you register you go into a moderated group, that prevents someone spamming every post with “New Replica Watches” etc.
(-NOT a mod here… I run this software too-)