How about those Grecians?

They’ve beat the second best ranked team in the world and now beat the chez. life is great… they’ve got the best defence in my mind, i’m cheering for them but i know they’ll be stopped in in the finnals…though then again, they might just get by like those sneaky greeks ussually do.

I think the bigger story is that all the favourites are gone.

Portugal-Greece final is totally unexpected.

It’s the first time either team has reached the final. It was pretty sweet to watch England lose, though, I gotta say.

Portugal really seems like a powerhouse this year.

Actually, they’ve always had the individual talent, some of the most expensive players in the world… it’s just that they’ve never been a real team.

So Scolari, the Brazilian coach that won the World Cup for Brazil two years ago, was convinced to go to Portugal and coach the national team. He’s really turned them into a more cohesive unit, I think, just like he did with Brazil. There’s no “I” in team, and when you’re dealing with such big ego’s, it’s not easy to get that across.

Figo played probably his best game ever against Holland.

I say again, how about those Grecians?

It must be the formula.

Did you check

makes me miss the old Whitecaps. Sitting in the warm nites at the old Empire Stadium with the barkers cruising the stands
"PRO-grams! PEA-nuts! MIXER!"

I was just walking down West Broadway in Vancouver when a van drove down the street with guys waving Greek flags and all, I think they were from UBC frat houses, them being Greek and all.

boooo portugal should have won…

You know, it would really suck to be portugese and to not have been able to watch the game, being stuck on a boat out in the ocean somewhere…

Has Portugal ever won?

You must not be talking about Mig cause the by’ is a Newfie for sure. The portugese facade is just an excuse to explain the abundance of chest hair!