Ethernet idea


So has any one seen these devices or used them… I have been researching them for the past 2 weeks and looking at putting them into action…


What’s an Ehternet?


I swear some one changed it but fixed again now…


interesting to find out. Suspicious of using the electical line as it isn’t twisted, and long runs may cause problems. And what about surges and noise?
Why not just ethernet over telephone runs? 4-pair Cat4 works fine for DSL speeds on short runs long as there’s 2 free pairs to use.


that is not why i posted it… This post is about these little devices that allow you to distribute ethernet with out running wires or cables.


I’m confused! Provide internet without cables? Like wi-fi? What’s the difference? Does it run through your power outlets? If it does, then it’s the same idea as the CAT4 thing thing Herbie is talking about (using electric lines instead of phone lines).


This stuff is for places that cant run Phone line or any cat5 but need ethernet cable in another room WITH OUT RUNNING NEW CABLES…


in case you rent a place like I did, an old doctors office. One room is the old xray room, lead lined and has no phone jacks.
good place to hide from the spy satellites…


Alright, I think I follow… Anyhow, can’t wi-fi do that? I guess if you want the security of a wired network, and you have no phone outlets the rooms, this is what you do.


This is what im starting next week : O ) Got a great Idea… and will let you all know about it soon…


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