Esso gas station or 7/11

Does anyone know who the manager is of this establishment ? Pulled into the front this evening with all the shitty parking around the lot. Rubbed my front tire against the curb , which happens to have some sharp metal along the front . Slashed my tire so badly it just went flat . Thanks to BCAA , got the the spare on but the worker said that I certainly am not the first . Yes I am pissed off…

Go in during the morning. When I used to work there the manager would come in around seven AM. And work till three.

I had the exact same thing happen in Williams Lake years ago. The owner paid for half the damage due to the fact he had a small orange cone at the spot. Otherwise he would have had to pay it all. It’s called liability and you can take them to court and win.
They should do the right thing however, give them the chance and see where it goes.

As someone said the manager is there in the daytime, usually until 3pm. Just don’t expect any immediate action when you speak to her. They can probably do something for you, but all 7-Eleven’s in Canada are corporate-owned so everything must go through the head office. Make sure you leave your contact information to be passed along.

Thank you all for the info so far , I will bring the tire with me but I sure hate driving around with my little Bike tire… Thanks once again .

Not hitting the curb works too.

If they had proper lighting in the area , especially at this time of the year. It was 5Pm when this went down and two of the ladies working there said that I was not the only on that this happened to.

[quote=“Justin Case”]

If they had proper lighting in the area , especially at this time of the year. It was 5Pm when this went down and two of the ladies working there said that I was not the only on that this happened to.[/quote]

It has more lighting than most streets, you don’t drive up onto the curb pulling to the side of the road to park do you?

Just curious. You’re always so quick to blame everyone else is all.

Bubbasteve , I was heading to the front door of 7/ 11 and there were cars all over the place at the time . I turned in there due to no parking space . The curb at the front of the building has heavy metal along the side. I feel that I have reason to be pissed off with 170. odd dollars out of my pocket .

I would be pissed off as well. People are bound to hit curbs around gas stations, for christ sakes why does that area have sharp edges? I buy gas at chevron as I like the nice wide islands and space to get in and out. Also they have pay at the pumps. I only go to 7/11 for junk food when walking. I hate pulling into 7/11 and now i really will not … I had no idea that black curbing in front of the store had sharp edges, that is nuts!

So are they paying for it??

OK everyone, as I was the passenger, here is the sequence of events! Pulled in to the 7-11 parking lot off 2nd.,just past Safeway, 2 vehicles parked by the mailbox along the side, one a huge pickup, other smaller car. JC pulled around to let me off at the door, a car came through from the other side by the gas pumps, he moved to the right to avoid getting side swiped by this guy and hit the curb by the front door. Unfortunately there was a piece of the metal bumper on the curb sticking out from the cement and we hit that. The parking lot was an obstacle course, cars parked at the pumps while they went into the post office (what’s up with that?), drivers pissed off and backing up and so on and so on. Crazy! Point is they should fix the metal “bumper” on that sidewalk curb, problem solved. JC wasn’t the first and won’t be the last!

Considering the description of the mayhem of the parking lot, be thankful all you hit was a curb, imagine if you took out a pump!

Maybe just park on the side street next time if it’s so congested?

Thanks Jamesbrown , for your what I believe is understanding , I have no idea if they will pay . I have not gone back yet , I get it replaced this afternoon at Entire then I will take the old tire and bill over to them , I would hope that they would help out to some degree.

You won’t get anything from them I’am pretty sure of it.

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