Erupert - Advertisement & Bid?

Did you notice on the Erupert page the advertisement/bid? This one gave me a chuckle because you bid on the the “FREE” gift certificate to attend the “Pursuit of Happiness Seminar”

The advertisement immediately beside it, is to attend the Introductory Seminar for the Pursuit of Happiness for free. Both are for May.

FYI: Good new is that if you don’t win the bid, you can still attend the seminar for Free! lol

In the bidding it’s for Admittance into the entirety of the Seminar, the advertisement is for an “introductory session”, I’m guessing it’s not the full Seminar?

The bid is for an actual full tuition for The Pursuit of Excellence Workshop that is worth $595.00 + HST. The information session on May 17th, at The Coast Prince Rupert Hotel is free to anyone who wants to come and hear more about this program, and enroll if they are interested. This program series has been around for over 35 years and this is an opportunity in Prince Rupert that may not be repeated. No scam with guaranteed results. Ask graduates of The Series what they thought. This program series is not only at a Masters level ; it is impactful, amazing, and fabulous learning. If you are the kind of person who is interested in being the most successful that you can be, come and learn about what works for you. It is for people interested in moving forward in their lives.

Trish Dyck,, 250-622-2990

Your answer is correct. The prize is for a full tuition for this masterful, amazing, incredible class. $595.0 + HST. The advertisement is for an Information Session that will provide you with the information about this class. This program is for those seeking to enhance the quality of their experience, have more effectiveness, get even better results. Individuals who want more Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Success. If this is for you, then this is an opportunity. If you want more in your life check out this program series.
Trish Dyck